Manage and orchestrate the entire media lifecycle

VSN is a global technology company specialised in providing advanced IT solutions to solve the needs of content creation, distribution and management for a wide variety of companies including TV channels, media companies, content distributors, educational and public institutions, private corporations and sports venues alike. Either in the Cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments, every VSN software works independently or together to create a complete, modular and scalable solution, ready to easily integrate with third-party systems. VSN collaborates and works daily with an extensive network of partners and offices around the world − Barcelona (HQ), Montevideo, Miami, Hong Kong and a dedicated R&D centre in Alicante − and with more than 1,000 clients in over 100 countries that trust VSN to maximise their performance.

Focused on adapting its product portfolio to client future needs, VSN bets heavily on innovation, streamlining media and workflows management through its flagship product: VSNExplorer. This open-ended platform comprises several optional modules: MAM for media management, PAM for production environments, BPM for workflows’ automation and orchestration and Business Intelligence for data analytics. It also includes AI-based tools for automatic metadata detection and cataloguing, a rough-cut web video editor, Wedit and a multimedia gallery to easily preview and manage images, audio or any other file type, consolidating a solution in tune with the new realities of MAM.

Media Management in Archiving and Delivery

One of the main goals of having a good media archive system is allowing companies to monetise their media assets as much as possible. With this aim, such a system must feature advanced content cataloguing and segmenting functionalities, as well as being integrable with third-party systems in order to create more complex, efficient and powerful workflows.

That is the case of VSNExplorer MAM, which works as a comprehensive content management system that keeps all the video files’ metadata synchronised as it comes from the traffic and scheduling tool, thus allowing the creation and automation of complex workflows. It imports the broadcasting list created in traffic to VSNExplorer and can identify and transfer those files regardless of their location (archive, near-line, online or Cloud). This workflow also implements task automation, such as quality control and media transcoding before sending it to broadcast, thanks to software modules like VSNExplorer BPM.

Once ready for broadcasting, VSNExplorer can control multiple file delivery and versioning segments to traditional MCR environments with VSNOneTV automation or channel-in-a-box system social media, OTT and WebTV platforms and even to systems like VSNExplorer BI module to analyse content performance.

MAM in News and Live Events

VSNExplorer modules for production (PAM) and (MAM) are especially interesting as a complement to NRCS and playout systems for news, sport and live events production. VSNExplorer MAM allows advanced auto-cataloguing of media files while they are being ingested, accelerating file search and retrieval processes regardless of storage location. Moreover, combining MAM and PAM makes managing the entire production lifecycle easy from very early stages of the production process to quick video editing by cut and uninterrupted broadcast.
One of the company’s most unique and successful software for news production, VSN NewsConnect, focuses on easing the journalist workload. It is a web plugin that acts as a MOS Media Bus and 100% developed in HTML5, that allows journalists to access VSNExplorer’s PAM and MAM functionalities directly from their NRCS GUI. It provides users with a single centralised workspace to quickly search for content, edit video files by cut, unify them with graphics and send the rundown and final news piece for broadcast.

Media Planning and Programming

VSN’s product portfolio also includes the Cloud-based BMS software VSNCrea, fully developed in HTML5 to enable the management of a company’s content production catalogue, advertising, production workflows, linear and non-linear planning and analytics on content performance — all from a unique user interface.

Middle East Presence

Within the high potential of the MENA broadcast and media market, VSN looks forward to establishing long-term technical and commercial relationships with customers. Some existing projects and commercial relationships that VSN has successfully established throughout this region in the last decade include Al Aan TV in Dubai, Roya TV in Jordan, Al Mayadeen in Lebanon, Saudi Airlines in Saudi Arabia, Scope TV in Kuwait and SEC in Qatar.


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