The future of audio

Shaping today the audio world of tomorrow – an ambition that Sennheiser and its employees live by from day to day. This vision statement describes what the company hopes to achieve, and this foundation is its history, culture of innovation and its continuing passion for excellence.
For all at Sennheiser, good sound is not enough. What drives the company forward is an ambition to create the perfect sound. To make sound come alive.

An Outstanding Legacy

The way to this achievement has been paved by trailblazing ideas. Ever since electrical engineer Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company in 1945, Sennheiser has been continuously setting trends in the audio industry. Right up to the present, Sennheiser’s innovative inspiration, curiosity and passion have made their products and services immensely successful.
Now more than 70 years later, professional musicians, broadcasters, sound engineers, and singers throughout the world agree that Sennheiser products are the pinnacle of technological perfection.

Sennheiser Today

The 21st century sees Sennheiser represented in over 105 countries, employing over 2,750 people and continuing to develop the most innovative products for the professional audio and consumer electronics industries.
The Sennheiser Group also includes studio microphone and monitor manufacturer Neumann, bringing together two outstanding microphone manufacturers in the industry.

Sennheiser Middle East

In 2009, Sennheiser Middle East was born as a sales and marketing office, based in Dubai Airport Free Zone, with a highly-motivated staff that have been responsible for impressive growth. Having established a strong third-party logistics partnership based in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone the operation has become a natural regional hub.
Sennheiser Middle East has the responsibility for distribution across the Middle East region whilst also servicing countries in North and East Africa and the former CIS countries in Central Asia.

Audio Solutions

Sennheiser and Neumann’s current product offering for the broadcast industry comprises both wired and wireless microphones, headphones and headsets for camera operators, production crews and studio engineers as well as award-winning studio monitors. All have an identical core value – uncompromising audio quality.

ENG Wireless Microphones

Fast, flexible and professional: the ENG sets have become an industry standard for every ambitious reporting team and state of the art broadcast station. Marrying the highest audio and physical requirements to deliver the optimum sound and maximum reliability, these products have a reputation to safeguard – yours.

Discover the DIGITAL 6000 Series

Easier to use, more efficient, smarter RF technology: Digital 6000 waves goodbye to past limitations and opens new possibilities. Digital 6000 does not produce any intermodulation, which allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid. The superior RF technology keeps the limited frequency spaces free for more channels whilst neither transmission performance nor audio quality are compromised. Whatever you’ve experienced before – expect more.


For decades, Neumann has been regarded as the leading manufacturer of studio microphones, with models such as the U47 and M49 assured of legendary status alongside modern incarnations such as the U87 and M149. The company continues to innovate by pioneering the implementation of digital microphones and now also offers a range of studio monitors that represent the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technology.


3D immersive audio is increasingly a format of choice in recording, mixing and listening. Under the AMBEO trademark Sennheiser has developed a strategic focus on 3D immersive audio through a ground-breaking technology that promises the ultimate in audio capture and reproduction.

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