Real-time media networking systems

Founded in 1987, Riedel Communications designs, manufactures and distributes pioneering real-time video, audio, data and communications networks for broadcast, pro-audio, event, sport, theatre and security applications. The company also provides managed technology services for radio and intercom systems, event IT solutions, fibre backbones and wireless signal transmission systems that scale easily for events of any size anywhere in the world. Riedel is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany and employs over 700 people in 25 locations throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.
Riedel is known for its pioneering digital audio matrix systems and fibre-based, real-time network technology. Riedel’s core markets include live event production, live sport production, arenas and theatre venues and any other applications that require seamless, decentralised and highly reliable signal transport as well as crystal-clear crew and staff communications.

Core Products

Riedel’s signature products include:

  • MediorNet: A decentralised, redundant media network for efficient, cost-effective transport of video, audio and data signals in real-time
  • Artist: An industry-leading digital matrix intercom platform that creates a true network infrastructure based on highly modular matrix mainframes
  • Bolero: An expandable, full-roaming, DECT-based intercom in the license-free 1.9GHz frequency range that can be fully integrated into Riedel’s Artist or used in standalone mode
Key Projects

Riedel Communications supplied a comprehensive, integrated communications infrastructure for the Special Olympics World Games 2019 (SOWG) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom were at the core of a massive comms deployment that spanned more than 30 venues and locations and included managed IT network services.
At all of the venues, Riedel provided comms for all sports and medal ceremonies with an Artist mainframe and six Artist panels. The venue deployments marked the first time that the SOWG had achieved seamless communications without radios, with event crews relying solely on Bolero.
Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) recently partnered with Riedel’s Managed Sports Services division to design a reliable infrastructure for German Bundesliga referee communications. Designed to target the technical broadcast requirements of today’s large-scale sporting events, the Managed Sports Services division pairs custom-engineered technologies with extensive supervision and support by Riedel-qualified engineers. The joint effort resulted in Bolero S, a smaller version of Riedel’s Bolero intercom that offers unlimited freedom of movement on the pitch while still preserving key characteristics such as multiple channels, high voice clarity and unsurpassed RF reliability.

Major Sporting Events Partner

All around the world, broadcasters and production companies like NEP, AMP, BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky or NextRadio TV put their trust in Riedel technologies. Riedel Communications looks back on 25 years of experience with major international sporting events. Today, the company provides specialised radio and intercom systems for all races of the premier class of motorsport and acts as technology supplier for some of the world’s largest sporting events — from World Cups to Winter and Summer Games. Riedel Communications has been awarded three Sports Emmy Awards for production of the Red Bull Stratos Jump and the Red Bull Air Races.

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