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Widely used in sport and entertainment broadcasting, theatres, houses of worship, institutions and corporate settings, Lawo solutions bring cutting-edge engineering to IP infrastructures, video processing and routing as well as audio mixing and routing.
With software-defined platforms, Lawo has set a trend to enable decentralised, multi-campus and flexible remote operation. Its IP-based management platform called HOME simplifies IP configurations, network security and remote device configuration.
A founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Lawo continues to champion and implement interoperability based on open standards like the ST2110 suite, ST2022-7, AES67, RAVENNA, and Ember+.

Award-winning Dedication to Customer Success

Lawo’s accolades include an Emmy Engineering Plaque and countless industry publication awards, such as the ‘Public Sector Project of the Year’ AV Award for the European Parliament and Lawo, and the ‘2021 NAB Show Product of the Year Award’ in ‘IT Networking/Infrastructure and Security’ category for its HOME IP management platform. Lawo is equally proud of the ‘Best Innovative Integration 2021’ AVard won by Zurich Opera for its bold implementation of Lawo-based IP technology for live opera productions during the pandemic.
In April 2020, Lawo was the first vendor to carry out entirely remote factory acceptance tests. In the summer of that year, it introduced a novel Mix Kitchen approach for audio engineers and the possibility to mix in a decentralised scenario.

Management, Control and Monitoring

Lawo’s HOME management platform for IP-based media infrastructures is natively built on a cloud-ready microservices architecture and enables users to connect, manage and secure networked production setups from the ground up. HOME is based on open standards, eg. ST2110, NMOS, IEEE802.1x and RADIUS. In 2021, Lawo decided to open up HOME and to welcome third-party vendors through a single control API.
Lawo’s Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) brings IP-based control and workflows to OB, studio and MCR applications in TV and radio. Device-agnostic, VSM controls all major video/audio routers and mixers, intercoms, UMDs and multi-viewers, glue and other third-party baseband and IP devices.
SMART System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry software for broadcast networks provides network and data health transparency across all-IP, all-SDI and hybrid WAN/LAN infrastructures.

Video Solutions for IP Setups

Lawo’s award-winning V__matrix software-defined IP platform uses multiple cores and a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GbE/40GbE connectivity as a distributed IP routing/processing matrix for frame-accurate switching. C100 processing blades provide physical signal connectivity; virtual module apps uploaded to them address all current and future processing and gateway requirements, and support SD, HD, 3G and 4K.
V__remote4 is a bidirectional multichannel video/audio-to-IP interface for WAN-based remote production. V__pro8 bridges a variety of video and audio formats for SDI-based video processing. Dolby E encoding/decoding is available.

IP Audio Production Solutions

Significantly reducing physical footprint and power requirements, Lawo’s A__UHD Core is the next-generation audio engine for mc² audio production consoles. This software-defined IP DSP engine offers up to 1,024 DSP channels that can be shared among several mc² consoles for flexible resource pooling. HOME is built in.
The current line-up of audio consoles features the mc²96, the mc²56 and the budget-friendly mc²36 MkII all-in-one mixer, which is based on Lawo’s A__UHD Core technology.
Lawo’s A__line Audio-to-IP interfaces provide WAN-capable transport of analogue and digital audio in compliance with ST2110-30/-31, AES67 and RAVENNA.

Radio Broadcast

Lawo’s radio consoles are native AES67/RAVENNA controllers designed for both stand-alone and networked operations. Powered by the Lawo Power Core Engine, the IP-native diamond console provides expandable I/O to accommodate AES67, MADI, analogue, AES3 as well as Dante audio sources and destinations. Modular by design, diamond is available in configurations from 2 to 60 physical faders.
Lawo’s ruby desk brings multi-touch onscreen control to today’s networked studios. For self-ops, crystal consoles combine powerful features with intuitive operation. The VisTool software provides custom status displays, tablet and touchscreen-based button panels and mixing controllers.
Lawo’s RLAY VRX mixing software is a ‘virtual radio environment’, perfect for on-location assignments, ENG, webcasting and personal studios.

Middle East Installations

Abu Dhabi Media Company, Al Jazeera, Al Kass, Asharq News, Bahrain TV (Ministry of Information Affairs), beIN Media Group, ERTU, Multichoice, Oman TV, Qatar TV/Radio, Radio Jeddah/Radio Riyadh, SABC, Sky News Arabia and many others.


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