Rethink broadcast control and monitoring

Widely used in sport and entertainment broadcasts, theatres and houses of worship, Lawo brings cutting-edge engineering to IP infrastructures, video processing and routing, audio-over-IP interfacing as well as digital audio mixing and routing. With VSM and SMaRT, Lawo offers first-in-class studio management and monitoring/telemetry systems.

The AES67 standard is featured throughout Lawo’s product range easing the industry’s transition to IP-based infrastructures. A founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Lawo has always been at the forefront of interoperability and open standards.

Alongside an Emmy Engineering Plaque, Lawo’s accolades include the IABM Award and countless industry magazine awards. In 2018, Lawo received the coveted Broadcast/Media Project of the Year award for its IP-based Ravenna/AES67 installation at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg opera house.

Broadcast Control, Multiviewer Solutions and Monitoring Systems

Lawo’s Virtual Studio Manager (VSM)brings IP-based control to TV and radio production in OB trucks, TV and radio MCRs and studios. Device-agnostic, VSM can control all major video/audio routers and mixers, intercoms, UMDs and multiviewers, glue and other third-party devices, whether baseband or IP.

V__matrix vm_dmv64-4 is the world’s first infinitely expandable true IP multiviewer software module. The vm_mv24-4 and vm_mv16-4 virtual modules provide high-quality multi-viewer functionality, while vm_udx is a software-based format converter between SD, HD and 4K formats (up to four paths).

theWALL allows users to configure any video monitor wall and routing signals to change mosaic layouts and save/load presets through an HTML5-based app on any mobile device.

The SMaRT System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry: This software for broadcast networks provides transparency across an all-IP, all-SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure with respect to the network’s health and regarding the data being sent.

Video Solutions for IP-based Setups

Lawo’s award-winning V__matrix software-defined IP platform uses multiple cores and a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GbE/40GbE connections as a distributed IP routing and processing matrix for frame-accurate switching. Thanks to generic C100 processing blades providing physical connectivity and VSM as the control layer, virtual modules enable entire workflows to be remapped in minutes. Continent-wide and intercontinental IP remote productions of NEP Australia’s Andrews Hubs in Sydney and Melbourne are based on the V__matrix infrastructure.

V__remote 4 is a bidirectional multichannel video/audio-to IP-interface for WAN-based remote production, whereas the V__pro8 is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of video processing, bridging video and audio formats within a studio infrastructure via high-density audio connections. A Dolby E encoding/decoding option is available.

Audio-to-IP Interfacing

Lawo’s A__UHD Core utilises the IP network to serve as an extension of mc²56 or mc²96 consoles anywhere on the network. Its 1,000+ mc² fully-featured DSP channels can be utilised by a single mc² console or shared up to four consoles.

A__line audio-to-IP interfaces provide reliable transport of analogue and digital audio using IP network environments for broadcast, live and install. Based on RAVENNA technology, all devices are compatible with AES67 audio-over-IP and WAN capable.

Broadcast Production

Lawo’s mc² audio mixing consoles allow studio and OB operators to focus on their work and integrate seamlessly into future-proof IP infrastructures. Line-up: mc²96 Grand Production Console for video production in broadcast, live and theatre with native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67, RAVENNA and DANTE; mc²56 Third Generation with key features from Lawo’s mc²96 console for broadcast trucks, studios, live performance and recording; and mc²36 flexible all-in-one mixing desk for broadcast, theatres, houses of worship, live and install at an incredible price point.

Radio Broadcast

awo’s ruby console adopts modern radio studio working, mixing and routing audio in the same multi-touch onscreen environment used by other studio tools. Lawo’s radio consoles handle RAVENNA/AES67 and operate stand-alone or within a networked environment. As self-ops, crystal and sapphire consoles provide easy handling. VisTool allows to create custom status displays, tablet and touchscreen-based button panels, even mixing controllers.

RLAY Virtual Radio

The RLAY VRX mixing software supports a ‘virtual radio environment’ with apps that eliminate hardware peripherals. RLAY is perfect for remote kits, mobile ENG, webcasting, fast setup of on-location studios or as a permanent personal studio.

Audio Routing

Lawo’s Nova range is a benchmark in audio routing. It features modular construction, unique Dual Star topology, scalable routing and plug-and-play operation.

Installations in the Middle East

Installations include Al Jazeera, Al Kass, beIN Media Group, Qatar TV/Radio, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Sky News Arabia, Oman TV, Radio Jeddah/Radio Riyadh, ERTU, SABC, Multichoice and many others.

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