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As a world leader in automation, integrated, IP and virtualised playout technology, with systems installed in more than 70 countries worldwide and over 1500 channels played out under Pebble automation control, Pebble has the people, the process, and the technology required to support broadcasters as they adapt to compete with new entrants in the video media space. Pebble also works with broadcasters as their expert partner for hybrid cloud playout, supporting them to transition from traditional broadcast infrastructure to more flexible IP-based technologies.

Pebble in the Middle East

Pebble is a leading playout automation supplier with a strong track record for delivering on time and against commitments. The company’s systems now control over 400 channels across 17 countries at around 70 sites across the Middle East, and many more at major broadcasters worldwide.
With comprehensive ingest, playout and media management capabilities, Pebble manages complex workflows and offers straightforward expansion capability as broadcasters grow and programming requirements change. The company also offers the option to display user interfaces in Arabic, allowing dynamic graphics control with Arabic text and providing fast turnaround compliance workflows, with features that help broadcasters easily manage prayer breaks in their schedules.
Key Pebble customers in the MENA region include Al Jazeera, Bahrain Radio and Television, beIN NEO and SPORTS Qatar, Bloomberg Asharq, Dubai TV, Jordan Radio and Television, Orbit Showtime Network, Sharjah TV, and many more.

Automation Solutions
  • Enterprise Level Automation for Powerful Multi-Channel Delivery
    Pebble’s enterprise Automation software platform delivers robust, best-in-class functionality and can flex and adapt as needs change. A powerful centralised ingest, content management and multi-channel solution, it controls mission-critical operations at scores of broadcasters and service providers around the world and is scalable from one to hundreds of channels.
    The Pebble Automation platform’s distributed architecture enables broadcasters to utilise resources over multiple servers, and its extensive range of device drivers gives them the freedom to deploy the technology that best fits the needs of each of their channels, whether that’s the legacy SDI devices which form an integral part of their channel playout, or the newest IP and hybrid cloud technologies as they add them to their facility.
Integrated Channel
  • Software-Defined Integrated Channel with Uniquely Flexible Channel Pipeline Design
    Pebble’s scalable integrated channel device offers audio, video and graphics functionality in a compact, cost-effective format to meet ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout requirements.
    It replicates in software all the functionality of a traditional broadcast playout chain made up of single-purpose devices performing dedicated functions. It can be customised for all channel types, from tightly scheduled ‘static’ channels to highly reactive channels with multiple content formats, complex graphics and live inserts.
    With SD/HD/UHD video server, master control switcher, subtitling, captioning and channel branding functionality, Pebble’s Integrated Channel is installed across a range of broadcast applications including Tier One premium channels, regional commercial insertion, fast to market or short-term channels, disaster recovery centres and content ingest. Supporting an extensive range of compression and file formats, it incorporates full up- and down-conversion on ingest and playout, and the ability to mix legacy SD content with new HD and UHD material in the same playlist.
Pebble Control
  • IP Connectivity Made Simple
    Every broadcast engineer and content producer needs to connect equipment. Signals need to be routed and switched around your setting, whether that is a production facility, a playout centre, a regional broadcast station, or an OB truck. In the world of SDI there are lots of options to help you do this. But for IP environments connection and device management becomes more complex and the cost of getting it wrong is potentially very high.
    Pebble Control is a self-contained, scalable, IP-native, connection management solution which is easy to configure, deploy and operate using web-based UIs. Designed to deliver immediate benefits to even the smallest IP facility, it leverages open standards to interface with NMOS-enabled devices from multiple vendors and is easily reconfigurable for when your interconnections change, or when you add or remove devices. Excellent, secure device management is a key building block for your IP environment, and Pebble Control can get you there without the consultation and expense that a bespoke enterprise solution entails.

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