FOR-A Company Limited celebrates its 50th year in business in 2021. Through its new company slogan, FOR-A invites broadcast and video professionals to ‘find your next innovation’ during its year-long celebration. The company has updated the website to highlight the milestone and provide easier navigation for visitors.

“Since its founding in October 1971, FOR-A Company Limited has adopted cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide range of products to countless customers,” says Katsuaki Kiyohara, president and representative director of FOR-A Company Limited. “Rather than resting on our past success,we are using our 50th anniversary to rededicate ourselves to delivering affordable, high-end video solutions.”

FOR-A is associated with 12 group companies in Japan as well as six overseas subsidiaries across the globe, The company’s 50th anniversary logo evokes the concept of continually evolving without limits – and its blue colour, a shade associated with the vastness of the sea and sky, conveys a sense of moving toward a brilliant future.

FOR-A’s first product was the VTG-32, the world’s first production timer. In 1981, it introduced the FA-410P, which was considered the best time base corrector in the market at the time. Eight years ago, the company introduced the world’s first 4K high-speed camera, which won numerous industry awards. Three years ago, the world’s first single link 12G-SDI production switcher – the HVS-6000 was introduced. The company was also the first to create a production switcher with enough bandwidth to carry 4K signals all the way through, using a single coaxial cable.

The company produces dozens of products for live production and archive today, including video switchers, routing switchers, multiviewers, signal processors, character generators, virtual studios, servers, specialty cameras, LTO servers, and IP-based solutions. Its current catalogue features products that support 4K and 8K, 12G-SDI and video-over-IP workflows, and HD and SD solutions.
FOR-A has been awarded the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award three times.

Manufacturing Policy

FOR-A does more than simply make and sell products. The company provides products, solutions and customer support. As part of its overall mission, FOR-A is committed to taking responsibility in all these areas and create integrated systems in Japan. By establishing R&D and production sites in Japan, FOR-A has created an environment that facilitates exceptional quality and delivery management as well as enabling a swift response to customer needs. These cover:

Research and Development
Sales and System Integration
Service and Support

Recent, Large-Scale Projects in the Middle East and Asia

DSNG system at public broadcasting channel, Al Mamlaka TV in Jordan, based upon the FOR-A product range. It includes a FOR-A HVS-2000 2M/E switcher, 64×64 MFR-3000 video routers with MFR-16MV multi-viewer output, MFR-3000 audio router for AES audio routing, Insight FPG-400 four-channel 3G/HD video server for
recording and playback, VTW-350HS character generator, FA-505 multichannel signal processor, FA-9520 dual-channel multi-format frame synchroniser and a GPI and tally control system for the MFR routers.

HD production control room system at Iraq’s Al Forat TV. It includes a FOR-A HVS-390HS 2M/E switcher, MV-4200 multi-viewer, 64×64 MFR- 5000 video router expandable to 128×128, two FA-1010 multi-channel audio/video processors, USF modules for core processing and an MFR-TALM tally control system.

Two OB trucks at UAE-based mobile production company Media Mania featuring 3M/E and 2 M/E HVS-2000 video switchers, 128×128 MFR-5000 video router, MV-4200 and MV-1620HSA multi-viewers, four FA-505 multi-channel signal processors, two FA-1010 multiformat video processors, ClassX LiveBoard CGs and a Gearlink integrated control system. 4K Quad-link OB truck at UAE production company Cubic Media including FOR-A HVS-490 2M/E switcher, MFR-3000 audio router, MFR-3232 video router, two FA-505 multi-channel signal processors, three FA-9600 multipurpose signal processor, a GPI for the MFR routers and a tally control system.


Development, manufacture, production and sales of professional video equipment for various applications, development of application-specific software, plus import of electronics products for the Japanese market.

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FOR.A Company Limited DSC Tower, Office 207 Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE

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