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FOR-A continues to meet the needs of today by utilising cutting-edge technology for a wide range of products, adopted by countless customers since its founding. The company has made its mission to contribute to the advancement of society through perpetual technological challenge and service dedicated to customers. Its confidence and pride is backed by over 50 years of experience in the video industry. In the company’s quest to remain the ideal business partner, FOR-A continually expands the capabilities of technology and in so doing, broaden its business potential.
The company stands today at a major turning point in its business. In these uncertain times, FOR-A is responding by establishing a new business model through rapid digitisation. The company aims to contribute to the progress of the new era while remaining dedicated to customers under its corporate theme of ‘Find Your Next Innovation’.

Advanced Solutions

A worldwide industry-leading manufacturer, FOR-A continues to offer future-ready, cost-effective and advanced technology solutions. Products include video switchers, routing switchers, multiviewer, full 4K high-speed cameras, IP encoders/decoders, multi-channel signal processors, 8K/4K/HD test signal generators, colour correctors, frame synchronisers, file-based products, character generators, video servers and much more.
It is a full range of HD and 4K production and processing solutions, as well as IP-based products.
Since its founding in October 1971, FOR-A is committed to delivering affordable, high-end video solutions.
FOR-A consists of 12 group companies in Japan, as well as six overseas subsidiaries worldwide.
FOR-A’s inaugural product was the VTG-32, the world’s first production timer. In 1981, it introduced the FA-410P, which was considered the best time base corrector in the market at the time.
Nine years ago, the company introduced the world’s first 4K high-speed camera, which won numerous industry awards. A few years ago, the world’s first single link 12G-SDI production switcher – the HVS-6000 was introduced.
The company was also the first to create a production switcher with enough bandwidth to carry 4K signals all the way through, using a single coaxial cable.
FOR-A produces dozens of products that support 4K and 8K, 12G-SDI and video-over-IP workflows, and HD and SD solutions.

Manufacturing Policy

By establishing R&D and production sites in Japan, FOR-A has created an environment that facilitates exceptional quality and delivery management, as well as enabling swift response to customer needs. These cover:

  • Research and Development
  • Production
  • Sales and System Integration
  • Service and Support

FOR-A has been awarded the Technology and Engineering Emmy Award three times:

  • In 2014: Development and productisation of the HD serial digital interface
  • In 2017: Live Production HD to Achieve Non-Interpolated Video for Instant Replay
  • In 2020: Development of ultra-high sensitivity cameras
Customer’s Stories

FOR-A Provides Complete Production Kit for Prestigious Emirates Draw Broadcasts
FOR-A has delivered a complete flyaway production kit to Media and Art Production (MAP) in UAE. The complete solution included the HVS-490 production switcher, MFR-3000 routing switcher with multiviewer, Insight servers and Envivo replay management, ClassX graphics platforms and multi-channel signal processor

Charisma Group Makes its Post-COVID Production Debut with FOR-A
Charisma installed a live production system from FOR-A comprising a HVS-2000 vision mixer, MFR-3000 routing matrix, FA-9600 multipurpose audio-video processor, ClassX Dual Channel CG, Insight production servers and LEADER monitors and SPG systems.
Once the system was successfully commissioned, Charisma used the system for nearly 12 hours

FOR-A Drives Virtual Studio System for UAE Ministry of Education Distance Learning
Using HVS-1200 video switcher to drive a virtual studio system for distance learning programmes in the UAE, the system was built around a Brainstorm InfinitySet Lite, with three 4K cameras controlled from the HVS-1200 switcher. The system was designed to be very simple to operate and used to produce up to five hours of live video instruction daily, supporting 4K or HD production


Development, manufacture, production, sales of professional video equipment for various environments, development of application-specific software, in addition to import of electronics products for the Middle East market.


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