Changing live content production and delivery

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and with customers in over 100 countries, Appear AS is a leading supplier of media processing and delivery technology. It provides the backbone that production companies, telcos and broadcasters trust to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers.

Where It All Started

Founded in 2004 by 11 professionals with industry background from Tandberg Television, Appear is now renowned in the market for world-class products and expertise. Before Appear was founded, the broadcast market comprised solutions that only performed single functions such as scrambling, multiplexing, decoding and demodulation.

Appear saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to develop solutions with modularity in mind, capable of multiple functions housed within a single chassis — drastically reducing required rack space and operational complexity.

Awards and Recognition

Appear has subsequently won several national and international prizes for revenue growth, internationalisation and technology. In 2021, it won TVBEurope’s coveted Best of Show and was awarded a grant from Innovation Norway for the NEO Series — an efficient new server-based line of software compression products.

With continuing consumer demand for content across more devices, Appear is actively involved with industry bodies and technology partners, helping advance standardisation and continuously innovate so customers stay one step ahead in a market where expectations and requirements are constantly evolving.

Appear Better, Appear Faster

Contribution is a big drain on bandwidth for operators, with multiple channels and feeds that need to be delivered in high definition and with low latency. Finding the perfect balance between cost, bitrate, price and availability is essential.

X Platform: Contribution is a big drain on bandwidth for operators, with multiple channels and feeds that need to be delivered in high definition and with low latency. Finding the perfect balance between cost, bitrate, price and availability is essential.

X Platform: A high-capacity, versatile, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression for remote production, contribution and distribution markets. X Platform fulfils the highly demanding requirements of sport and e-sport applications, among many others, and can be used as a compression head-end for OTT, IPTV, broadcast and for high density satellite turnaround or monitoring.

X10 DSNG: For live event coverage, the X10DSNG provides a tailor-made solution for digital satellite news gathering (DSNG), supporting encoding, decoding and satellite uplink and downlink in a single chassis.
The compact, powerful solution meets the very specific and challenging needs of mobile production.

Supporting an array of compression technologies and protocols, it can handle satellite and fibre delivery simultaneously and has built-in security and redundancy features to ensure reliability.
With different demands on distribution, operators need an enormous arsenal of compression solutions to maintain efficiency, manage cost and meet consumer expectation. Appear provides a range of compression solutions, in hardware and software, that provide the ultimate flexibility — whether the emphasis is on operating costs, power consumption, density or latency.

XC Platform: A modular head-end platform for IPTV and broadcast, supporting content acquisition, compression, stream processing including scrambling and multiplexing, with distribution options for cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.
This multi-purpose platform addresses the market with its modular high-density chassis design. It allows for an entire broadcast system to be designed to meet a head-end operator’s individual needs. Deployed worldwide in cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV applications, it is used for encoding/transcoding/decoding, satellite modulation/demodulation, scrambling/descrambling, and multiplexing in a multitude of applications.

NEO series: Appear’s latest product innovation is the award-winning NEO series, providing all the benefits of software compression without any of the hassle. The software comes pre-installed on Appear hardware, making installation a breeze. With management, transcoding and streaming functions, NEO 10 completely removes the complexity found in traditional server-based solutions.
Live distribution requires extremely stable, high-performance platforms and recent gains in CPU performance means live distribution delivered over server-based technology is now a reality, and for many customers a preference. The NEO 10 answers this need, providing flexible, server-based software compression on high spec hardware, removing the traditional complexities for operators and broadcasters to manage software deployments on COTS hardware.

Appear Greener

Appear is committed to ensuring its products and their operation create the lowest impact possible on the environment, from production, through shipping, deployment, operation and eventual disposal. All products are designed and assembled in Norway using electricity from hydro-power production; Appear products comply with all relevant EU directives, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, WEEE — continuously striving to improve the energy efficiency of products and reduce the overall environmental impact of wider business operations.


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