Integrating KVM into the broadcast world

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) are regarded as leading manufacturers of KVM products. With their variety of KVM extenders, switches and matrix switches for extending, switching and distributing keyboard, video and mouse signals, G&D offer their users the broadest KVM portfolio available in the market.
G&D’s KVM products optimise the application of IT equipment and improve the working conditions for humans and computers. The spatial separation between computers and workstations brings many advantages for the standardisation of process landscapes. Whether CAT or fibre, modular, compact, classic KVM, or KVM-over-IP – G&D always offer a bespoke solution – precisely tailored to applications, project parameters and the existing IT structure.
With over 35 years of experience as German manufacturers of KVM systems, G&D are trusted by a host of national and international TV stations and broadcasters. By short lines of communication and the entire core competencies such as development, product management, sales, marketing and production under one roof, G&D support their customers from the technical initial advice through to on-site and after-sales support from a single source.
G&D’s KVM systems provide a perfect basis for flexible, distributed switching of computer signals to allow producers the simplest and most efficient operation.

  • KVM Extenders
    G&D’s KVM extenders enable you to operate your computers over IP systems or dedicated distances up to 10,000m maintaining real-time performance. The systems consist of two units – a computer module (transmitter) and a user module (receiver).
  • G&D’s KVM switches allow users to operate two to 64 computers from one console consisting of monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • • KVM Matrix Systems
    G&D’s KVM matrix switches allow users to operate multiple computers from multiple consoles. They consist of computer modules, central modules and console modules. The systems enable flexible and decentralised control of large, distributed IT installations or those equipped with many workstations.

G&D’s products and systems are designed for simple and intuitive operation. For example, the CrossDisplay-Switching function is designed for multi-monitor workstations that access multiple computers at the same time. The user’s mouse acts as if it is on a ‘virtual desktop’ and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. When the cursor moves from one display to another, the keyboard/mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer. This allows users to intuitively operate multiple systems simultaneously with just one keyboard and mouse.

VisionXS – Small Housing, Great Performance

The new VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR is a matrix-compatible extender and much smaller than previous IP extender variants. The space available (especially in the rack) can be optimally used thanks to the considerably lower space requirement.
The VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR extends 4K@60Hz over standard IP-based networks with up to 10Gbit/s. The new devices are also compatible with the predecessor variants with 1GBit technology.

Secure KVM-over-IP

It is essential that the systems in use are secure and available 24/7. You may not always see KVM products and solutions from G&D right away since they are often hidden in the background. However, they are systemically relevant. G&D ensures that people can control critical processes safely and without being disturbed. KVM-over-IP solutions from G&D can protect your IT installation in the best possible way.

RemoteAccess and Virtual Targets

As a stand-alone device, the new RemoteAccess-GATE connects the two worlds of KVM and network. In this context, ‘GATE’ stand for ‘Global Access to Enterprise’ and therefore for worldwide access to your KVM systems. The RemoteAccess-GATE opens up completely new ways for remote operation from remote locations and also improves the ways of providing IT support and collaboration between employees.
With the RemoteAccess-CPU, you integrate virtual machines into your KVM matrix installation and benefit from hands-on KVM functions even in hybrid systems.

G&D Feels Right

G&D customers can expect comprehensive expert advice and technical support during all phases of their projects. Whatever the KVM broadcasting requirement, G&D, their employees and trained partner network will be pleased to offer support in finding the best possible and perfectly integrated KVM solution.


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