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Autoscript, a Vitec Group brand, is the leading global provider of professional teleprompting equipment to broadcasters. Established in 1984, Autoscript manufactures reliable, premium-quality hardware and software solutions for both networks and stand-alone operations. Autoscript’s new Intelligent Prompting system is a fully IP-enabled, end-to-end prompting workflow, which supports video (eg. HD-SDI) workflows as standard where required. Intelligent Prompting devices, including the innovative EVO-IP prompt monitor can connect to WinPlus-IP prompting software via an IP network enabling extremely flexible integration and operation in any location with network access.
For the simplest and most reliable solution, Intelligent Prompting avoids the “video over IP” approach with its lack of bandwidth, latency issues and potential for synchronisation errors. Instead, Intelligent Prompting ensures that much less data is sent over the IP network by placing the intelligence needed to generate the script inside each prompting monitor. In this manner, the monitor is able to produce the video output directly while remaining in constant communication with the master application to ensure perfect ongoing synchronisation and easier operation.
With every component designed around an IP-based workflow, Autoscript Intelligent Prompting delivers the connectivity, flexibility, ease of use and redundancy critical for live broadcast operations of today and tomorrow.


WinPlus-IP is Autoscript’s latest prompting software, compatible with all leading newsroom computer systems. By upgrading to WinPlus-IP, Autoscript users can benefit from a wide range of new features designed to improve prompting efficiency and reliability. WinPlus-IP and its associated accessories give users the flexibility to choose Ethernet-based prompting, traditional baseband video workflows (eg. HD-SDI), or any combination of the two based on their requirements. The result is greater prompting flexibility as well as faster editing and operation, together with the industry’s easiest setup, configuration, and status monitoring.


The slim, lightweight design of the new EVO-IP prompt monitor is perfect for productions using even small robotic supports. As an Intelligent Prompting device, the monitor includes IP connectivity and scroll engine functionality as well as HD-SDI and composite inputs for use with an external scroll box. The EVO-IP on-camera system comes with Autoscript’s new Intelligent Prompting mounting and carbon fibre hood, vastly reducing both weight and setup time for easier operation.


The EPIC-IP integrated system uses the EVO-IP prompt monitor with its sleek design and in-built connectivity to create the lightest weight prompting solution with integrated talent monitor. The new EPIC Talent Monitor (ETM) is detachable offering the flexibility to upgrade at any point and a 24” talent monitor is available to add to the EVO-IP 19” when a large feedback screen is required.


The HC-IP desktop hand control has been ergonomically designed to maximise performance and comfort. From providing a neutral hand position with adequate wrist support, left or right-handed operation and using Power of Ethernet for simple integration, everything was considered to create a controller that is radically different to the options previously available.


The XBox-IP is an extremely compact and tough scroll engine that networks via ethernet to WinPlus-IP. Dual HD-SDI outputs support the distribution of the teleprompter video to traditional prompt monitors. In addition, a Power over Ethernet output can be used to power an Intelligent Prompting scroll control ideal for single controller setups.

iEVO / WP-i

The iEVO app allows one or more iPads to be connected to WinPlus-IP to be used as teleprompters, additional reference, or operator preview monitors in any location on the network. With a WP-i licence for WinPlus-IP, a prompted script can be displayed on an iPad connected over WiFi or wired Ethernet adapter providing a reliable, portable monitor for your operators or talent.

Key Clients
  • Kuwait TV
  • Sharjah Media Corporation
  • Sky News Arabia
  • Saudi Broadcasting Authority
  • Al Jazeera
  • Al Rayyan TV
  • Bijla TV
  • Bahrain TV
  • MTV Lebanon
  • Al Hayat TV

Autoscript has its headquarters located in London, with sales offices in EMEA, the Americas and Japan.

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Parkring 29, 85748 Garching bei München, Germany

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