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Vinten, a Vitec Group brand, is a leading provider of manual and robotic camera support systems. Customers rely on Vinten’s engineering excellence and globally supported solutions for a wide range of technologies and markets. Founded over 100 years ago by William Vinten, the Vinten brand is still based on its founder’s guiding principles of highly innovative design and extreme precision in manufacturing. Offering a best-in-class range of products that includes manual supports, robotic heads, pedestals and controllers, Vinten is the premium solution for studio and outside broadcast. With over 80 registered patents, Vinten frees the camera operator’s creativity by making camera operation effortless.
Vinten headquarters are in Bury St Edmunds, in the United Kingdom with sales offices in EMEA, the Americas and APAC.

Vector 750 Pan and Tilt Head

A versatile head for 4K, studio and OB broadcast cameras and lenses, it has perfect control of large studio and OB camera configurations at any resolution or frame rate (UHD and slow-mo). The unique pantographic mechanism minimises inertia of the moving camera and lens, allowing consistent control of the camera. The TF drag system employed in the Vector 750 delivers complete control at any level of movement, simple, infinite adjustment without steps, instant whip pan without manual drag reduction and fast and repeatable set-up.
The Vector 750 pan and tilt head is the only system to allow perfect control of large UHD/4K camera and lenses to deliver exceptional sports coverage, allowing camera operators to react instinctively to a director‘s call or sudden movement by the subject.

flowtech Carbon-Fibre Tripod Family

Now available in both 75mm and 100mm versions, flowtech is an award-winning carbon-fibre tripod technology that includes the world’s fastest-deploying tripod legs. With unique quick-release brakes conveniently located at the top of the tripod, the flowtech legs can be deployed simultaneously in an instant and adjusted automatically to the ground’s surface, saving operators from having to bend over and manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.
flowtech can be deployed as low as 26 cm (10 inches) and as high as 153 cm (60 inches) without the detachable spreader. A unique hinge-lock mechanism allows users to capture extremely low, ground-level shots removing the need to bring a second set of ‘baby legs’ to each shoot. The exceptional torsional stiffness of flowtech ensures that the tripod will not twist during camera panning movements, an extremely important consideration in all motion picture productions. Compatible with all major 75mm fluid heads, flowtech75 has a payload capacity of 20kg (44 pounds). flowtech100 supports a payload of up to 30 kg (66 pounds), making it ideal for heavy-duty electronic newsgathering and electronic field production.

Vinten Robotics

Vinten offers a complete, state-of-the-art robotic solution for any broadcast studio, rental house, or on-location event. Products include robotic pedestals, heads, elevation units and tracks controlled by the Vinten Robotic Control System (VRC). A collaboration between Vinten Automation and veteran dolly manufacturer Tecnopoint, the Vinten track systems work in tandem with the Vinten control protocol and can be fully managed from the VRC to create a powerful studio robotic solution that integrates with all Vinten robotic camera supports. The track system supports shot sequencing, allowing users to select multiple shots and execute a seamless move through multiple key frames, while an absolute encoder outputs tracking data to the VRC, making the system ready for use in an augmented reality or virtual reality environment.

Key Clients
  • Sharjah Media Corporation
  • Sky News Arabia
  • Saudi Broadcasting Authority
  • Al Jazeera
  • Al Rayyan TV
  • Bahrain TV
  • MTV Lebanon
  • Al Hayat TV
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