Advanced virtual AR/VR production solutions

Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows, as well as for feature film production and corporate presentations, with a customer list that includes many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus a large number of smaller and regional stations.
Brainstorm’s product line includes solutions for real-time 3D graphics and photorealistic Augmented Reality, including XR and Virtual Studios. The company’s most significant products are InfinitySet, Brainstorm’s award-winning virtual set and augmented reality solution, and Aston, the real-time motion graphics creation, CG and playout solution. Both run on eStudio, the company’s acclaimed render engine, which has been for years the benchmark engine for real-time broadcast graphics and virtual sets.

Hyper Realistic Virtual Production

During the last decades, the advent of the digital age has been driving profound changes in how content is produced and consumed, and within this highly competitive context, successful broadcasters and content providers need to be flexible and responsive to dynamic environments and agile enough to take advantage of both simplified and more complex infrastructures.
For example, hyper realistic virtual production based on game engines such as Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is now broadly used in many broadcast applications. Brainstorm has taken advantage of this technology to improve output quality, enhancing content with their own applications such as real-time graphics created from external data sources, increasing workflow environment’s compatibility and much more, thereby expanding the benefits of the game engine rendering to other content creation areas.

Dalet CubeNG

Another great example of collaboration and integration between Brainstorm and other developers and manufacturers to enhance content production is Dalet. It includes the Brainstorm real-time graphics engine in its next generation platform Dalet CubeNG for news graphics and workflows, which significantly expands on-air and file-based graphics capabilities. These include support for 4K and user-defined output formats, advanced primitives and objects for creating 2D and 3D graphics. Also includes support for Unicode fonts and languages, and StormLogic., Brainstorm’s acclaimed transition logic between templates, along with extensive options for data-driven graphics with external data link.
Also, integration with cost-effective PTZ camera tracking systems of companies like Panasonic or Sony, allows Brainstorm technology to sit perfectly in any broadcast workflow and environment.

Brainstorm Suite 5

Following trends in virtual production and seeing that LED-based XR is becoming increasingly used by avant-garde content creators, Brainstorm has announced the release of Brainstorm Suite 5, a major upgrade to its products that include new, unique and enhanced features designed to improve XR content creation and workflows, while adding an even tighter integration with Unreal Engine. These enhancements streamline client ability to improve virtual content creation regardless of whether they are using LED walls or chroma sets to produce their virtual content.
“Brainstorm has been deeply involved with Augmented Reality and Virtual Production for decades now, and Suite 5 is the result of applying our expertise to new display methods that broadcasters and filmmakers are introducing into their workflows,” says Hector Viguer, Brainstorm’s COO and Engineering Director.
Suite 5 has a dedicated interface for creating XR installations that allows modelling any kind of video wall, including curved, shaped and corner installations and map the desired 3D content. This facilitates the creation of virtual AR content to be directly displayed and seen by the camera with the correct perspective at all times. Also, by taking advantage of the Layers and Stacking features of InfinitySet, different renders, even with different resolutions and aspect ratios, can be mapped in a canvas of any size and aspect.
Brainstorm is committed to creating accessible, affordable ways to enable broadcasters and a new breed of content creators deliver more compelling content, particularly at a time of tightening budgets. This is thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies that represent a huge cost-saving feature in broadcast, film production and live events, allowing for real-time virtual production with superior quality to be sent on-air right out of the box.


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