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For over 20 years, Telestream® has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital video industry. The company develops products for media processing and workflow orchestration; live capture, streaming, production and video quality assurance; and video and audio test solutions that make it possible to reliably get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Telestream solutions are available on premises or in the cloud as well as in hybrid combinations. Telestream is privately held with corporate headquarters located in Nevada City, California and Westwood, Massachusetts. For company and product information, visit

Adaptive and powerful streaming systems

When motion video plays a critical element in an organisation’s business operations, they rely on Telestream to agile business models.
Established over 20 years ago, Telestream is a leading global provider of workflow automation, processing and quality monitoring and management solutions for the production and distribution of video. The company provides world-class live and file-based solutions for automated workflow and quality monitoring and management solutions for video that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. The corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California.
From content creation and packaging to multiplatform and multiscreen content delivery with quality monitoring at every stage, Telestream is working with the world’s top tier content owners, broadcasters and distributors to develop new infrastructure and business models that meet their business goals. Part of meeting those goals includes flexible and affordable workflows in both the cloud and on premises as dictated by content location and ultimate destination.
Telestream plays vital mission critical roles within its customers’ operations and workflows – helping them to communicate effectively with clearly defined audiences. Telestream customers are diverse: from international broadcasters to small independent production facilities, educational establishments and corporate organisations.
It’s never been more important to measure, monitor and manage exposure levels and colour in production and post production and signal integrity in broadcast operations. The latest version of Telestream’s PRISM media monitoring and analysis platform provides comprehensive monitoring of IP/SDI 4K/8K signals and comes equipped with specialised new tools for wide colour gamut (WCG) and high dynamic range (HDR). Offering objective and trusted measurements, PRISM guarantees quality at every stage of a production or broadcast chain. The base model comes with 10Gbps standard and for those considering 4K/UHD, PRISM is easily upgradable to 25Gbps connectivity.

Cloud-based Processing with Vantage Cloud Port

Focused on the growth of content creation and delivery, Vantage Cloud Port enables powerful, new automation and media processing workflows that are both cloud-agnostic and multi-cloud. Showcasing at NAB 2020, Vantage Cloud Port now features Tempo time adjustment and content normalisation plus a new, streamlined version of Post Producer automated content assembly and processing. Vantage Cloud Port Designer makes it even easier to start processing media with cloud-enabled actions.
Also new in Vantage and Vantage Cloud Port is the ability to convert between colour spaces, including support and certification for Dolby Vision, insert missing colour metadata and ensuring the best possible quality with the Vantage 16-bit video processing pipeline with full support for HDR standards. In addition, Vantage and Vantage Cloud Port now support object-based audio including Dolby ATMOS.
To meet customers’ needs where they are in their cloud transformation process, Vantage Cloud Port provides for even more predictable cost beyond the transparency of the current on-demand model by adding an option for paying on a time-metered basis. In addition to the option for time-metered billing, customers can now upload complete Vantage workflows and execute them entirely in the cloud making it easier than ever to scale as needed.

Growth of OTT Fuels Need for Effective Video Monitoring

Two vital challenges for OTT streaming providers revolve around managing customer experience and capitalising on advertisement revenue. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to ‘see what the customer sees’ when creating an OTT network that is directly comparable with linear television in terms of quality of service and experience. Telestream’s iQ ABR monitoring solutions have enhanced post-origin content processing and delivery monitoring support for DASH and CMAF packaged ABR streams plus dynamic ad video quality assurance. Sentry software-based quality monitoring probes are now integrated into Telestream’s Intelligent Video Management System for Adaptive Streaming Media (iVMS ASM) providing a comprehensive, real-time view into the health of adaptive streaming video services.
As more organisations take advantage of direct-to-consumer streaming services, the onus to deliver quality, reliable streams has shifted from distribution partners back to programmers. Telestream’s new OptiQ Monitor is a cloud-based, monitoring-as-a-service, platform designed to give broad visibility into the health and performance of live OTT channels as delivered through CDN partners.

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