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Qarva is a provider of internet TV solutions and technologies since 2006 and has positioned itself on the global TV market since 2012. The company is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Qarva mission is to create the best internet TV experience for IPTV and OTT subscribers.
In an era where the choice lies with the subscriber and viewer of video content, Qarva works hand-in-hand with its customers and partners to develop and deliver solutions that meet the challenges of today’s marketplace as well as the challenges of the future. Along with end-to-end OTT and IPTV solutions with the highest cost-efficiency Qarva offers standalone products with standardised and proprietary video streaming and channel changing technologies such as the award-winning FastSwitch Server, aQua Video Server and Qarva Teleport.
Qarva IPTV/OTT end-to-end solution is a bundle of tightly integrated Qarva products. Solution comprises Qarva products and a stack of design, implementation and support services ensuring end solutions with rich features such as fast channel switching, packet loss recovery, time-shift control, TV channel search, long range delivery, 4K support, electronic programme guide, smooth rewind to multiple devices including STBs, mobile platforms, smart TVs and mobile devices through managed and unmanaged network. Robust modular architecture makes it possible to modify and/or upgrade each element independently without altering high-level topology and other core components.
In 2012, in Cape Town at AfricaCast, Qarva demonstrated its flagship product Teleport based on the award-winning proprietary multipipe protocol by streaming 4K content from Georgia to Africa (over 13,000kms), with ultra-high quality over the open internet.

Qarva MultiPipe

Qarva MultiPipe protocol was invented to overcome two main limitations of the internet television – Delay from live streaming and dependence of the Bitrate on subscriber’s geographic location. It is a TCP/IP based protocol which uses persistent connections to multiple streaming servers around the world to receive and aggregate data. Up to 32 servers can be accessed simultaneously generating very high content delivery speed and allowing usage of whole bandwidth of local internet connection when accessing video content of full HD quality even from another continent.
Internet television delivered to subscribers through Multipipe protocol brings the following benefits:

  • Works with subscriber’s already existing internet connection
  • It is unlimited geographically and subscribers can be located anywhere all over the world
  • It allows watching TV using one account anytime and anywhere where the internet is
  • It allows watching the content through various devices connected to internet
  • High bitrates and high video quality anywhere in the world
  • Near-zero delay from Live TV

As an evolution to Multipipe, Qarva Teleport was born – a real time software solution that transports FHD and UHD 4K content from one location to another over the open internet by using the whole bandwidth of a local internet connection with near-second latency. This means broadcasters don’t have to worry about the negative impact of latency and/or buffering on quality of media transfer. Qarva Teleport significantly reduces transmission costs normally associated with satellite, fibre and CDN solutions whilst considerably minimising operational costs.
As an innovator, Qarva remains up-to-date with the latest technologies to create products and solutions for future internet TV.

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