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Shure is a 94-year-old global company dedicated to providing customers with the best audio solutions in the world. What started as a one-man operation selling radio parts in Chicago, Illinois, USA, grew to a company with facilities in more than 30 countries. Shure microphones have given voice to political leaders, legendary musical artistes, teachers, business leaders and community standouts from the biggest world stages to the local neighbourhood meetings. Today, it is likely that most of the audio heard on laptops, smartphones, radios or televisions involve some Shure innovation.

Shure continues to innovate today. The company provides high-end audio equipment for touring sound, live events, A/V rental, film, television, broadcast news, sport, theatre and houses of worship. It is the go-to solutions provider for professional audio technicians and engineers, providing microphones, wireless microphone systems, headphones, in-ear monitoring, software and accessories.

Superior Value Product

Productions are becoming increasingly complex, while available wireless spectrum is getting narrower around the world. Audio engineers need to deploy many channels of wireless, and applications are moving from serial to networked transmission in order to create improved flexibility, control and reliability. This is why Shure solutions have become so valuable in the industry.

Complex setups, high channel counts and constrained spectrum are everyday hurdles for today’s major events and tours. To meet the most demanding wireless needs, Shure developed Axient Digital with input from top audio professionals. Designed to maximise stability, quality, control, and scalability, Axient Digital is engineered for the moments that command the highest degree of attention.
No matter how tough the spectrum environment, Axient Digital is tougher. It includes next gen digital radio with encryption, true digital diversity, Quadversity and High Density modes.

Transparent audio comes through. With impressively low latency, flat frequency response, and multiple digital audio output options, sound fills every corner of the space—clean and clear.

Because efficiency is the bedrock of reliability, Axient Digital provides more command and control. From wide tuning receivers and transmitters, to Wireless Workbench and ShowLink control, to networked charging and more, it improves every part of the workflow.
Axient Digital has been the wireless solution for some of the biggest spotlights such as major award shows, halftime performances, music festivals, broadcast and theater. It’s the system audio professionals count on when sound is critical. The biggest performers in music worldwide rely on Axient Digital and Shure microphones.

A new innovation this year is TwinPlex. Seven years in the making, TwinPlex — Shure’s new line of premium subminiature omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphones — was designed and developed for these unpredictable, high-stakes environments where flawless audio is demanded.

From robust theatre productions and corporate presentations, to global television broadcasts and everything in between, professional-level audio production is a must. The new dual-diaphragm, patent-pending capsule technology offers best-in-class sound in a compact and easy-to-conceal package for when professional vocal performance is a must. Designed to enhance product accessibility for the live event and staging market, TwinPlex supports those high-stakes audio moments.

TwinPlex is not only becoming the ‘go-to’ mic solution for some of the top shows on Broadway, it is also being used in other applications. Audio engineers have used TwinPlex to capture audio from nationally broadcast basketball games by placing them discretely on the basketball rims. They’ve also been added to the cups on major golf courses during nationally televised events to capture the moment the golf ball drops into the hole. TwinPlex is relied upon to produce TV shows, programs on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Broadway musicals, awards shows like the Emmy and Grammy Awards, Apple events, the Super Bowl and in the UK’s Premier League.

In summary, Shure is positioned to help any event or production ‘sound extraordinary’.

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