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Robe is among the world’s leading moving and digital light manufacturers recognised for its innovation, quality engineering and dedication to the highest production values. Based in the Czech Republic, the company employs over 750 skilled staff worldwide, and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in six key markets – the USA, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France and Germany. Additionally the company has a highly proactive and talented regional sales management team that helps oversee and coordinate the company‘s worldwide distribution network covering over 100 countries.
All technical processes involved in making the luminaires is undertaken locally in a 75.000sq.m. facility in Valašské Meziříčí, and the products are exported through its worldwide distributor network across all continents.

Global Presence

Robe’s moving and LED lights can be found everywhere. They are installed on stages and in concert halls, in theatres and in all types of venues. Robe lights up all genres of performances from music to TV to drama and opera, appearing on myriad platforms and events, at theme park attractions and entering the specialist worlds of architectural and environmental illumination.
Robe is also known for being accessible, forward-thinking and understanding the importance of people and personal communication in sustaining a successful enterprise. The excellent communication with those investing in and using its dynamic range of products is at the core of its future research and development.


Robe’s founders Ladislav Petrek and Josef Valchar met in 1992 and they fused the idea of designing and producing high quality effects and lighting products that would be fundamentally well engineered and proudly ‘made in the Czech Republic’.
‘Robe Show Lighting’ was officially inaugurated in early 1994 with the aim of designing a range of lighting products for international markets. Very soon, the company’s OEM products gained traction for their robust build, good engineering and attention to detail. The resources needed to sustain a quality operation were in plentiful supply locally, and the profits were ploughed back into the business and spent on establishing efficient production lines, implementing innovative and efficient working practices and sourcing quality components.
With the Robe brand launch came the workhorse ‘AT’ series of moving lights starting with the 1200 series ColorSpot and ColorWash. Right from the start, Robe focused on being an all-European based operation, undertaking all areas of the production processes inhouse. This was to ensure quality control and guarantee swift turnaround times and also commitment to the community.

The Robe Philosophy

Central to the company’s philosophy is the practice of working closely with its business partners and end users, listening to their needs and understanding their markets and requirements. Knowing that a company’s business is based on the talent and imagination of numerous individuals, it endeavours to meet as many of them on a one-on-one basis. Building the ‘Robe family’ means all comments and feedback are welcome.
The Robe brand is experiencing record growth and the company is consistent in its pace to keep up with surges in production. Robe continues to focus on designing and producing well-engineered products utilising the very latest available technology to meet the creative, technical and practical demands of its wide range of users and investors.
Robe is proud of its independence and private ownership ensuring the business remains agile, efficient, decisive and focused on producing genuinely creative tools for an imaginative and exciting industry that constantly pushes boundaries.

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Hážovice 2090, 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czechia

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