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A24 News Agency is the access to all the news developing in the region. A neutral source of information on existing and unfolding events, it is up-to-date and authenticated by expert journalists who provide information on a daily, hourly basis, and the much-needed Arab perspective to an attentive audience. In 2019, the news agency saw a significant stretch in its area of influence as it reached out to cover more territories in its tireless efforts to create a global news forum. Subsequently, the agency also relaunched its logo. Other developments included the creation of a new platform, the A24Plus, which provides infographics on major news and events and as a summing up of images to support a story.

Agency Objectives and Origin

Noticing the inability of both regional and international news agencies to deliver accurate, unbiased and timely reporting of news and events in the region, Mohammed Al Ajlouni an experienced and accomplished media entrepreneur launched A24 in April 2015. Founded on the premise of delivering global-standard news of a region characterised by unique political, social, cultural and linguistic nuances, A24 is built on competency. It brings to Arab viewers across the globe a comprehensive look at vital stories and also takes a closer look at those that are otherwise overlooked, ignored or misrepresented. In a short span of time, A24 has grown into the foremost independent news-gathering agency for the MENA region, delivering developing stories and events in real-time.


To establish A24 as the most comprehensive new agency in the region that relies on seasoned Arab-speaking journalists to echo the voice of the people and to address the market gap in providing world-class, unbiased, coverage of news and events shaping the Arab world.


Provide clients with a real-time corridor to breaking news and events in the MENA, reported in the most professional manner.

Strong Global Presence

A24 maintains fully equipped production teams in all capital cities across the MENA, while working from Turkey, Washington DC, Thailand and the Philippines.
Supported by highly qualified local teams on-the-ground in all major Arab cities and hotspots, the company has unsurpassed access to event outbreaks in the region. In 2019, A24 began coverage from Iran and this year will see its presence in Afghanistan. This successful regional cover has emboldened the company to spread its influence further with newer representative offices beyond its MENA territorial monopoly.
Offices across the globe include:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
  • Turkey
  • Palestine
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Somalia
  • UAE
  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Tunisia
  • USA
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
Professional Workforce

The A24 news force comprises seasoned journalists, cameramen and producers in every capital city in the MENA. This dedicated local presence in more areas than any other regional new agency ensures coverage is accurate, clear and a comprehensive picture of relevant events leading up to the news.

Technical Edge

A24 seamlessly blends its unrivaled understanding of the region with technical expertise developed through years of strategic investment in world-class professionals and equipment. The company boasts a vast fleet of OB vans equipped with full HD capabilities and personnel who are extensively trained to utilise this world-class equipment to its full potential. A24 is capable of providing real-time news feeds and raw footage of events when and where they happen and in the high-grade format that viewers now demand. With such highly trained and fully equipped local teams in all major cities and hotspots across the MENA region, A24 is the first on the scene with unsurpassed access to news as it breaks.

Milestones and Partnerships

By expanding its geographical stronghold, A24 has created space for exclusive news content, giving it the advantage when it comes to reportage of major events. The agency covered the Warsaw conference on peace and security in the Middle East and continues to cover the ongoing unrest in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.
A24’s strategic alliance with ENEX (European News Exchange) continues to thrive. The Luxembourg-based cooperative news agency in collaboration with A24 distributes Arab news content across ENEX’s global partner network. ENEX has 56 broadcast and digital partners around the world including CBS in the USA, Sky News channels, RTL news entities, CME-owned stations in central and Eastern Europe, 14 stations in Latin America and a growing presence in the Middle East and Asia.

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