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Launched in April 2015 and relying on genuine, impartial reporting of news in real time, A24 covers and delivers informed content to TV channels, broadcasters and online platforms around the globe, enabling them to convey major events and breaking news. As an independent news-gathering agency, A24 leverages innovative technologies and professional teams to bring to local, regional and international viewers an accurate account of political, economic, social, humanitarian and cultural events.

Equally significant to the corporate ethos is the relaying of encouraging news trends that are uplifting to its clients. Consequently, the agency has gained wider audiences in Europe and in Asia, while continuing to serve numerous media platforms including Sky News Arabia, Al Arabiya, NBC, ABC News, CNN, Alhurra, AFP, and Al Jazeera, to name a few.
A24 exclusively and semi-exclusively accesses numerous hotspots, warzones and conflict areas such as Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, and Syria. Major events that A24 reported on in 2021 involved the withdrawal of the United States troops from Afghanistan, Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq, and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


To provide clients with instantaneous access to a real-time window to breaking news and events around the globe, reported with optimum integrity and professionalism and tailored to meet the unique policies and guidelines of each.

Global Access to News

A24 operates from three main headquarters that are located in Dubai, UAE, The National Press Building, Washington DC, USA, and in Amman, Jordan. The agency also works from over a dozen offices around the world including the Middle East, specifically Baghdad, Beirut, Istanbul, Syria, Gaza, Cairo, Ramallah, Tunis, Kuwait, Aden and Manama. A24 expanded its coverage in Asia to include The Philippines, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Taiwan and Vietnam, in addition to the African continent with Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali and Somalia. The Asian offices’ expansion will see new locations in Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the entire Asian continent.

In February 2022, A24 opened an office in Peru, marking the agency’s foray into Latin America. Plans are afoot for more representative stations in Colombia, Venezuela and Paraguay. To cover more ground, the agency is also planning expansive operations in Europe, starting with Ukraine and moving on to Moldova, Poland and the three Baltic states.

Strategic Plans in Place

In order to strengthen the agency’s content offering, A24 is open to news exchange opportunities that will complement and broaden its audience base. Additionally, A24 is serving more clients across multiple media platforms as well as strengthening its relationships with ENEX (European News Exchange) and the European Broadcasting Union.
The agency is also establishing an online presence for Asia and Latin America; managed through the use of separate pages and platforms on A24 and organised by language.

Professional Workforce

A24 teams comprise seasoned journalists, cameramen and producers committed to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and authenticity who ensure accurate, unbiased news coverage.

News Packages

A24 produces an average of 50 scripted news packages in Arabic and English per week encompassing multiple genres of news. A full suite of services cover:

  • News Editing
  • Rushes
  • Graphics
  • Soundbites
  • Audios
  • Shotlists
  • Voiceovers
  • Post-production

Editorial teams inside the A24 newsrooms have access to major cities and hotspots thanks to its strategic presence worldwide, giving them the unique advantage of being among the first on the scene! Additionally, A24 leverages an extensive list of contacts compiled through years of goodwill and work allowing them to secure guests on a wide range of topics.

Live Studios and Production

Equipped for live studio productions, services comprise:

  • OB vehicles
  • OB fly case
  • DSNGs and flyaway adopting the latest technologies
  • Remote studio setups and control rooms
  • Multi-camera production
  • DTL studios
  • Live positions
  • Post-production services (video editing, sound mixing, 3D visualisation and ADR)
  • Archives

    A24 maintains a repository of over two decades worth of archives, translating to countless hours of priceless footage. This state-of-the-art, digital archive management system is highly secure and skillfully tended by a team of archivists, who can present clients with instantaneous access to the agency’s rich library.

    Media Monitoring

    A24 offers a comprehensive media monitoring service that allows clients to track brand mentions on TV, radio, social media and online channels, harness audience data and generate reports containing crucial elements such as locations of most receptive audiences, overall performance, viewership rates, and more.


    A24 News Agency
    Dubai (UAE Office)
    4th Floor, Building No. 3
    Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE
    Tel: +971 5 441 8030

    Washington DC (USA Office)
    529 14th Street, NW
    Washington DC 20045, USA
    Tel: +1 (202) 662-8989

    Amman (Jordan Office)
    A24 Building, Queen Misbah Street, 3rd Circle, Amman, Jordan
    Tel: +962 7 78501565

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A24 News Agency Dubai (UAE Office) 4th Floor, Building No. 3 Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE

Washington DC (USA Office) 529 14th Street, NW Washington DC 20045, USA

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