Smart and efficient transmitters

Nautel offers the broadest portfolio of digital/analogue solid-state radio transmitters including 1–2,000 kW AM/MW and 300 W–88 kW FM transmitters, and digital radio solutions.
An innovative leader in the field of RF transmission, Nautel has ISO-certified manufacturing plants in both Canada and the USA, and more than 17,000 transmitters deployed in over 177 countries. Key to the company’s 50-plus year success is a two-fold focus, the first being continuous innovation in the field of RF transmission and the second an unwavering commitment to customer support. Since the company’s inception, support has never been discontinued on any product – a rarity these days.
The company has established spare parts depots around the world to support the rapid deployment of urgently required spares for transmitters in the region, both current and previous models. Expert engineering resources are also available locally through Nautel.
Nautel transmitters offer comprehensive monitoring and control instrumentation via touch screen or web, outstanding reliability, compact footprints, high efficiency, easy maintenance and 24/7 support.

Line-up of Radio Transmitters
  • VS Series – Feature-rich rack-mount, HD Radio ready transmitters: 300 W, 1 kW and 2.5kW
  • GV Series – Digital, efficient and refined FM transmitters, from 3.5 kW to 80 kW
  • NVLT Series – Affordable high-power analog/digital FM transmitters, from 3.5 kW to 40 kW
  • NX Series – Most modern and reliable AM/MW transmitters in the world, from 3 kW to 2 MW
  • Digital Broadcast Solutions – Field-proven, high-performance digital radio solutions
Significant Broadcast Projects

Nautel has been entrusted with some of the world’s largest radio broadcasting projects in recent years.
At a 400 kW broadcast site in Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean, a Nautel NX400 transmitter was placed on-air for TWR (Trans World Radio). Operating costs had forced the broadcaster to cutback to 100 kW, but advances in transmitter technology like the greater than 90% efficiency of the Nautel NX400, led TWR to boost power nearly five-fold from 100 kW to 440 kW.
The largest digital broadcasting system in the world for All India Radio uses Nautel NX Series 100 kW, 200 kW and 300 kW DRM-enabled MW-AM transmitters at 33 sites across India, with the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents in the country.
A two-Megawatt Nautel NX2000 Medium Wave system is on air at Antenna Hungaria’s transmission facility near Solt, Hungary. This high-efficiency system comprises five Nautel NX400 transmitters and a 2000 kW combiner that can be reconfigured if one or more transmitters is shut down ensuring maximum power to the antenna. This large project included building renovations and air handling modifications as well as interfacing to the existing 11 kV voltage supply.
“The Middle East continues to be a very dynamic market for Nautel with several countries investing in their digital broadcast infrastructure and recognising the long-term value of installing innovative, state-of-the-art transmitters like Nautel. I look forward to speaking with broadcasters in the region to discuss possible transitions to digital broadcasting as well as ways to lower operating costs at large facilities,” says Kyle Dibbin, Sales Manager, Africa and Middle East.
Nautel has provided broadcast solutions for many clients in the region. These include the Saudi Broadcasting Authority on a large FM and AM network rollout for commercial content broadcasters, Radio Mocambique’s high power MW stations upgrade, Multicarrier Mauritius Ltd. (MCML) for the supply and renovation of their MW sites, Jordan Radio and TV for the supply of FM and MW transmitters, Public Authority for Radio and TV (part) in Oman for their nationwide FM transmission systems upgrade, Sharjah Media in the UAE for multiple N+1 systems and the UAQ Broadcasting Network and Abu Dhabi Media for high-power MW transmitters.


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