Hybrid cloud archive and workflow management

In 2017 Masstech merged with SGL to form a new company, Masstech Innovations, which combines more than 20 years of experience and expertise to create future-led, technology driven storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

More than 400 broadcasters, production houses, content creators and organisations across all segments of the video industry trust Masstech’s premier solutions, FlashNet and MassStore, with their data storage and asset lifecycle requirements.

Next-Generation Multi-Tier Storage Management

Masstech harnesses the latest in IT technology to create intelligent storage solutions that help drive the most revenue from your content.

Masstech has system-level integrations with all major public and private cloud and on-premise providers that enable hybrid storage solutions which offer the highest possible levels of flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud and Beyond

Different pricing and access levels offered by different cloud providers means that a hybrid object storage environment offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-efficiency, but only when all of the storage tiers are connected, and if content can be managed across them all.

Siloed systems don’t have the ability to communicate and share content and metadata.

Even sophisticated, enterprise level MAM and PAM systems aren’t able to manage an entire hybrid system. FlashNet provides this single control layer.

Native S3 read/write means that S3-compliant storage (e.g. AWS, Google, Caringo, Wasabi etc) appears to your management system as a single storage bucket.

Masstech is also integrated with other major public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. For private cloud, FlashNet supports all S3 compliant, disk-based object stores (e.g. Caringo, SNS disk), plus many other providers such as Cloudian.

And if you have or want to implement on-premise systems (e.g. LTO), Masstech is certified with more on-premise storage providers than any other vendor and integrates them seamlessly with other storage layers.

Whether you choose public cloud, multi-cloud, private cloud, on-premise or any combination of these in a hybrid implementation, FlashNet seamlessly combines them in a connected, intelligent ecosystem to ensure that your assets are where you need them, when you need them and at the lowest possible cost.

100+ Integrations, No Ties – the Masstech Difference

Masstech is proud to have more system-level integrations with industry vendors than any other provider.

Whichever MAM, PAM or control system (e.g Avid, Grass Valley, Dalet) you use, Masstech has deep-level integration that allows you to easily archive, search, retrieve and manage content, often directly within the application itself.

Combine this with Masstech’s certifications with all major public/private cloud and library providers, and the result is the ability to provide levels of flexibility, customisation and cost savings that other, proprietary object storage vendors simply cannot match.

MassStore – Intelligent Lifecycle Workflows

Masstech also provides intelligent lifecycle and workflow automation with MassStore.

An Object Services Framework it combines Masstech’s own and other third-party services, allowing you to build automated lifecycle and content transformation workflows that deliver data in the right place, at the right time, in the right format.

Integrated transcode, deep metadata enrichment and the ability to quickly and easily build highly-optimised workflows automates manual tasks and saves time and money that complicated content processing usually requires.

Dedicated Environments
MassStore offers dedicated workflows, custom built for specific environments.

Tailored workflow solutions for news, sport, education, houses of worship and other segments work right out of the box, integrating seamlessly into production environments, providing integrated archive and workflows proven in your area of operation.

Happy Middle East and Global Customers

Masstech has over 400 customers around the world, each of whom receives industry-leading support from Masstech’s experienced, broadcast trained service and support operators.

ADMC, Al Kass, MBC, Prime Focus, BBC, CBS, ABC, Al Jazeera, Televisa, Tegna, Canal +, Sky, Fox Sports, HBO, MMC Dubai, these broadcasters and many more trust their data with Masstech. Find out why at

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