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Ross powers live video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s most comprehensive range of high impact, high efficiency solutions and services. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging content for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate presentations and inspiring content for houses of worship.
Ross solutions have impressed the audiences and marketing partners of Eurosport, BBC World, SKY, Yahoo! Finance, and the international esports powerhouse ESL. Ross provides an unrivalled range of products and services, including cameras, real-time motion graphics, production switchers, robotic camera systems, augmented reality/virtual studios, video servers, infrastructure and routers, social media management and newsroom systems and live event production services.
As a privately held and self-funded company, Ross Video has a long and stable history and has enjoyed 30 consecutive years of growth. As well as being free from the influence of external financiers, Ross Video controls its destiny by owning its manufacturing facilities, doing all primary research and development in-house, and marketing its products internationally through a global sales force and network of business partners.

Global Company

Ross Video has corporate offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, supporting sales and service operations strategically located around the world. 24/7/365 technical support and immediate access to spares are crucial when deploying mission-critical technology. Ross Video offers lifetime technical support by telephone, email and Skype. In-house research and development enable Ross Video to apply maximum creativity to breakthrough products and the long-term evolution and support of the company’s products and technologies.

Working Well with Others

Ross Video has a long history of collaborating with other industry companies. Ross understands that products do not exist in isolation and must function as a system solution to deliver successful results for customers. For example, OverDrive (the production automation solution from Ross) integrates with products from more than 50 different manufacturers. Additionally, the Ross Audio Protocol or ‘RAP’, created through experience with OverDrive, fills a vacuum in the industry for a standard, easy-to-use protocol for audio mixers. Major audio console manufacturers and competitors have adopted RAP.

Technology Leadership

Ross Video is well-positioned for the future with a comprehensive mix of hardware, software and cloud-based solutions suitable for SDI, 12G, IP and hybrid production models. Ross understands that the mix and convergence of these technologies are central to meeting the needs of the industry and growing the company. The main development lab in Ottawa is home to a growing team of highly skilled engineers who are working on the next generation of Ross Video solutions, systems and technologies. As a percentage, Ross reinvests more profit into R&D and product verification than any of its competitors.

Hyperconverged Production Platforms

Ross offers Hyperconverged production platforms for greater efficiency. In essence, Hyperconverged means taking racks of traditional production equipment and collapsing these down into a few rack units. Hyperconverged is also based on the idea of software-defined production – removing uncertainty when customers come to specify new hardware by making features and functionality available via software licences.
Two recently launched examples of Hyperconverged production are the latest Ultrix Acuity and Ultrix Carbonite solutions from Ross, which are now streamlining workflows and improving efficiency for major networks, broadcasters and sports venues globally.
Launched at the CABSAT Expo in 2017, Ultrix is an innovative routing and AV processing platform that packs routing, MultiViewers, clean/quiet switching, audio embedding/de-embedding, frame synchronisers and UHD gearboxing into a modest 5RU chassis. The Ultrix Acuity and Ultrix Carbonite are both built upon this important solution. Acuity is Ross Video’s flagship production switcher model and Carbonite is the world’s best-selling midsize switcher range. By combining both production switchers with Ultrix, Ross has created two new Hyperconverged production platforms that directly meet customers’ needs for greater integration, more powerful performance and improved return on investment.


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