Preparing for the next era of connectivity via satellite

From 5G and the Internet of Things to Low Earth Orbit constellations and the continued High Throughput Satellite (HTS) boom, the satellite industry is going through unprecedented change.

While this presents fresh challenges, it also brings new opportunities.

Throughout the last year, Newtec has continued to innovate and develop new technologies and partnerships, cementing its position as an industry pioneer.

Since 1985, innovation and record-breaking speed and efficiency has been key to Newtec’s mission. Today, Newtec continues to break barriers, merging reliability and efficiency to meet end-users’ ever-increasing expectations. Products offered by Newtec include modulators, modems, redundancy switches, frequency converters, gateways, combiners, network optimisation units, OEM boards and hubs.

A focus of the company is pushing the limits of spectral efficiency.

Newtec has developed technologies such as wideband DVB-S2X, Mx-DMA, Bandwidth Cancellation, and pre-distortion Equalink 3 – to help its customers keep up with the insatiable demand for more bandwidth at lower costs.

Newtec’s solutions address challenges in the following segments within the broadcast market:

  • Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast
  • Direct-to-Transmission Tower (DTT)
  • Distribution to local head-ends
  • Fixed Contribution
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
  • Multiservice Broadcast (MSBC) Networks
  • In addition, Newtec caters for:

  • Cellular backhaul and Trunking
  • Consumer and Enterprise VSAT
  • Government and Defence
  • Mobility, Offshore, Aviation and Maritime
Future-proofing Mobile Connectivity

The role that satellite has to play in mobile connectivity is already evident.

Operators are choosing to use satellite for cellular backhaul when delivering 2G, 3G and 4G services, with Myanmar’s newest mobile operator, Mytel, among them.

Working with its long-term partner Communications & Commerce (Com & Com), a joint venture company established between Terabit Wave (Myanmar) and OSB JSC (Vietnam), Newtec launched a mobile backhaul network for Mytel, empowering it to deliver 2G, 3G and 4G services across Myanmar.

Newtec is also involved in several 5G trials including ESA’s ‘Satellite for 5G’ initiative.

Pushing HTS to the Max

As HTS constellations continue to grow, monetising these infrastructures is another priority for operators, which is why an increasing number are choosing to use the Newtec Dialog platform.

Maximising HTS benefits and providing supreme bandwidth efficiencies and throughputs, Newtec Dialog ensures optimal HTS strategy execution thanks to the 500Mbaud DVB-S2X forward and Mx-DMA return link.

It delivers the best connectivity experience and allows operators to enlarge their addressable markets in key HTS sectors, such as broadband, backhaul and mobility, and expand into emerging markets, enabled by small electronically-steered flat panel antennas.

Milano Teleport is among those that have deployed Newtec Dialog, along with two types of Newtec modem, as it looked to vastly improve its maritime services.

Targeting namely yachts (via the ‘Orbis Yacht’ brand) and cruise liners (with ‘iSeaglobal’) – both of which require very high-bandwidth connectivity – a number of vessels are already in service, with Milano Teleport significantly reducing its OPEX as a result of the Newtec Dialog hub located at its teleport in Italy.

Connecting the Unconnected – in the Sky and on the Ground

Newtec’s work within the commercial aviation industry is also expanding.

Panasonic Avionics, for example, now has 350 aircraft flying with its Gen 3 Newtec modem to provide inflight connectivity and plans to have 1,000 completed this year.

The Newtec modem offers up to 20 times the bandwidth of Panasonic Avionics’ original solution and can facilitate the increasing bandwidth coming on stream as HTS and Extreme-Throughput Satellite (XTS) services continue to be layered over Panasonic’s existing global network.

Additionally, Newtec is dedicated to providing universal connectivity on the ground.

Recently, Newtec worked with broadband satellite operator Kacific to significantly expand its broadband service delivery in underserved areas of South East Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Utilising the Newtec Dialog VSAT multiservice platform, Kacific’s HTS Kacific1 will target areas currently beyond the reach of terrestrial infrastructures.

The Solomon Islands is another area benefitting from Newtec’s technology, with internet service provider, SATSOL selecting Newtec Dialog to improve internet connectivity to the Solomon Islands government and secondary schools across the region.

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