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Viewers tuning into ever-evolving devices and channels crave fresh content that engages them in a more immersive, increasingly personalised way.

Advances in technology, notably artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud help power businesses and operational models that were not previously viable to meet the demands of quickly evolving audience viewing habits.

They also open new avenues of revenue.

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider, offers an agile media workflow platform that powers over 70,000 users and thousands of channels at 900 customer sites including ADMC, BBC, Al Rayyan and MBC.

At the forefront of development in AI and Machine Learning for media as well as leveraging the elasticity of cloud, Dalet helps media operations create and deliver content at new economies of scale, facilitating the needed transformation to support new business models.

Products and Services

Dalet Galaxy five The Dalet Galaxy platform federates and streamlines the content chain, managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes.

The new version of the award-winning MAM and workflow orchestration platform, Dalet Galaxy five brings important functional enhancements and major innovations that augment media operations and enable new forward-thinking business models.

The first enhancement facilitates the use of AI across workflow.

The second enables hybrid deployments, mixing on-premises, private and public cloud infrastructures while the third puts social media at the core of operations.

Leveraging Cloud
Dalet Galaxy five introduces new integrations with AWS infrastructure services, enabling hybrid scalable architecture that introduces more mobility in user experience, allows new operation models, enhances content security and help minimise content handling costs.

With auto-scalability capabilities and native support of S3 and Glacier, new workflows can be enabled such as multi-site federation and content sharing, elastic disaster recovery and business continuity or simply the migration of media archives to cloud.

Dalet Media Cortex
Dalet Media Cortex SaaS service (DMC) enables consumption of cognitive services on demand in a pay-as-you-go model.

Taking operations much further than the basic benefits of standard speech-to-text, face recognition and sentiment analysis, DMC orchestrates advanced automatic metadata enrichment to provide deep content insights and discovery.

DMC’s discovery panel assists users with recommendations and content analysis thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named Entity Recognition (NER).

Leveraging the Dalet Galaxy five advanced MAM and workflow automation capabilities, DMC orchestrates combinations of cognitive services, finetunes models, versions data sets, aligns them with customers’ taxonomies and eventually surfaces results at various levels of the Dalet application stack to provide actionable insights and real value to users and to the organisation.

Social Media Framework
The Dalet Social Media Framework enables newsrooms to treat social media as an integrated part of their overall news operation. Journalists can harvest, analyse, produce and deliver fast-paced news on social media platforms alongside traditional outlets.

The story-centric workflow offers familiar indicators such as number of views, likes, shares, as well as audience comments and threads.

Visual engagement data lets journalists know how their posts are performing with their audience and discover new angles audiences are expecting.

With analytical tools and dynamic content at their fingertips, journalists can quickly evolve posts into deeper stories or segue into a new angle.

New capabilities include social media popularity indicators, Twitter harvester, scheduling and approval of social posts, expanded emoji library, contextual graphics and subtitles.

Dalet OnePlay
Dalet OnePlay is a new-generation studio automation solution designed to simplify live show productions, increase reliability and build up audience engagement. It redefines the entire economics of the show, opening up new revenue opportunities while optimising operational costs.

An ideal solution for newscasts, sports magazines, live and live-to-tape studio shows, Dalet OnePlay is an extension of the Dalet Galaxy five platform.

It enables ultra-efficient collaboration between the newsroom and the production control team. The modern and intuitive web-based UI which runs both on desktop and tablet, supports custom live production workflows with unrivaled operational flexibility, controlling all device types, including video switchers and servers, cameras, audio mixing consoles, graphics, lighting, routers and more.

The core Dalet Galaxy five Workflow Engine drives synchronised multiplatform distribution and automated social media publishing to offer new forms of cross-device experience for the audience.

Key Clients
  • ADMC
  • BBC
  • Canal+
  • CNN Money Switzerland
  • EuroNews
  • Fox Networks
  • Mediacorp
  • MBC
  • NHK Japan
  • Russia Today
  • SBS Australia
  • Sportcast/Bundesliga
  • TF1
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