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Clear-Com is a trusted global provider of professional real-time intercom solutions and services, innovating market-proven wired and wireless technologies since 1968. With over five decades of broadcast intercom experience, Clear-Com solutions for broadcast production are time-tested through close working partnerships with partners, customers and end-users to deliver the highest production value and communications capabilities, swiftly and with ease. Clear-Com’s systems deliver the highest quality programming, instantly and on cue, allowing production crews to communicate in real-time from anywhere in the world.
Broadcasters choose Clear-Com for their breadth and depth of intercom options, for connectivity choices over short or long distances, and the unparalleled support and commitment they receive from every part of the organisation.
Clear-Com’s pragmatic product designs, software features, precision manufacturing and continuous quality assurance help ensure that their customers receive the most dependable and fully featured communication solutions for doing their job effectively.
Clear-Com carries the broadest range of intercom systems in the industry spanning from analog partyline systems to IP matrix and connectivity options. Equipped with Clear-Com, broadcasters can deploy the right solution that offers them the utmost flexibility for adjusting to on-the-fly changes and maximum extensibility for building upon the existing intercom infrastructure to fit your growing production needs.
Whether your system runs on four-wire cable, audio transports over Dante, MADI or fibre, or have migrated onto an all-IP network, Clear-Com solutions work on virtually any network type. Clear-Com has added IP to their core product offerings – wireless, matrix and mobile – using native IP formats featuring the latest technologies and standards including AES67 and SMPTE 2110-30.
Be it communications for outside broadcast trucks, newsrooms, production control rooms, local or remote studios, or multi-site broadcast studios, Clear-Com has an extensive set of flexible intercom solutions for broadcast productions to connect these entities together and extend communications access to any remote location.

OB Production Trucks

Depending on the size and extent of production of the OB truck, the intercom needs may differ. For small vehicles and only a handful of positions, a simple two-wire Clear-Com Encore Analog Partyline or HelixNet Digital Partyline system would be sufficient for talking to teams in the field or a broadcast station. For field reporters or broadcast journalists, they may use the Agent-IC Mobile App with IFB support, which is fully connected to the partyline system over LQ IP Interfaces. Larger multi-camera trucks may use the Eclipse HX digital matrix system.

Broadcast Studio

In a broadcast studio that requires maximum flexibility, a central Eclipse HX Digital Matrix System can serve as the communications backbone. Users in the facility can talk on the V-Series panels, FreeSpeak II integrated wireless beltpack or virtual panels such as the Agent-IC mobile app that runs on PCs or Smart devices. Within the studio, any A1 or A2 engineer may want to hear audio from Dante-enabled mixing consoles and their E-Dante64-HX can facilitate this connection, directly. Between the studio and OB trucks in the field, LQ IP Interfaces can be deployed to create a network of linked intercom systems over IP connectivity.

Wide-Area Campus Broadcast

For broadcast entities spanning multiple studios, networking multiple Eclipse HX matrices together over multi-channel digital audio on fibre, or by using Dante, AES67 (E-Dante64-HX card), IP (E-IPA-HX card or IVC-32-HX card), or MADI (E-MADI64-HX card) are all possibilities as is simple four-wire audio. Dynam-EC provides a central, graphical view for administrators to efficiently assign, manage and monitor all audio routes, IFBs and partylines from multiple intercom systems in real-time. Operators from anywhere can connect to this matrix network over IP-enabled V-Series panels, Agent-IC, or the new Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client. Locally, operators can roam about within each facility on FreeSpeak II digital wireless.
A recognised pioneer in its field,
Clear-Com’s drive for innovation with a purpose continually pushes the boundaries of the company and the industry, as evidenced in their latest innovation, Arcadia Central Station. Arcadia is a scalable IP platform that integrates wired and digital wireless partyline systems along with third-party Dante devices in a single rack unit. Arcadia was designed for a broad range of applications, offering a base level of 32 IP ports which can be expanded to up to 128 IP ports as needed, with HelixNet integration coming in the near future.


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