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Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communications solutions and services since 1968. The company’s US founding is marked by the invention of the first distributed amplifier beltpack intercom system for live production. Clear-Com innovate market-proven technologies that connect teams together through wired and wireless systems. Products facilitate the seamless coordination of any activity while maintaining a level of reliability, security and simplicity.
Clear-Com was the first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then, its history of technological advancements and innovations has delivered significant improvements in the way people collaborate in any professional setting where real-time communication is required. For the markets it serves – broadcast, live performance, live events, sport, house of worship, military, aerospace and government – the products have consistently met the communications requirements of varying sizes and complexities.
Clear-Com’s reputation in the industry is not based on its product achievements but around the consistent level of customer engagement, dedication to delivering the right solutions for specialised application and the expertise to make it work. From developers who design its cutting-edge products and the operational experts who build it, to the field engineers who support you at your facility and the support staff who take your call — Clear-Com’s unparalleled technical capabilities effectively become yours.
The cornerstone of Clear-Com’s 50 years of success lies in the company’s commitment to customers and Reseller Partners. The expanse of its partner network assures customers of never being far from a dedicated intercom expert. Together with its partners, the company brings decades of experience with professional audio and communications workflow to serving customer’s very specialised market-specific needs. Its focus on customer experiences allows Clear-Com to achieve significant technology advancements in line with the general requirements of the marketplace (e.g. wireless frequency changes, development of IP audio standards) while maintaining a focus on the multiple ways the company’s products are deployed and operated.
Today, with distributed audio-over-IP networks and industry standard digital duplex wireless comms, Clear-Com technology and innovation has provided team-empowering intercom tools. The technology advancements in the platform (whether wired, wireless, or IP) are only part of the story. Clear-Com recognises that the way actual ‘wearers’ use their products is highly personal which has led the company to focus on how it develops user interfaces, mechanical design and workflow-engineering. This balance of core technology development and usability is critical to the company’s success and can only be achieved through collaboration with its valued customers. Development is thoughtful and forward-thinking, with IP-based solutions which are compatible with products dating back to its founding that can also integrate seamlessly with third party technologies.
Clear-Com maintains an unrelenting energy to develop solutions that allow people to communicate more clearly and easily during live productions, events and mission-critical activities.
A recognised pioneer in its field,
Clear-Com’s continuous drive for innovation with a purpose constantly pushes the boundaries of the company and the industry, while never losing sight of its original aim: to keep people connected when it matters.
In 2010 Clear-Com was acquired by HM Electronics, thereby merging with HME’s existing pro audio activities. Clear-Com is currently under the leadership of CEO, Mitzi Dominguez and President, Bob Boster. Their combined expertise has contributed to Clear-Com’s competitive status in the marketplace and has brought new areas of technological exploration. Their commitment to innovation and customer empowerment are consistent with Clear Com’s mission of creating specialised, real-time communications solutions and engaging with the broader networks of comms experts, consultants, resellers and users to address a wide spectrum of collaboration challenges.

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