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Norsat International Inc. is a satellite communications company based in British Columbia, Canada. The company, founded in 1977, develops and produces communications solutions for transmission and reception of data, audio and video in challenging applications and environments. Norsat’s unique platform technology allows for quick customisation, tailored to meet the needs of customers. The company’s products and services are used extensively by telecommunications services providers, emergency services and homeland security agencies, the military, health care providers, news organisations and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Norsat’s customers include the NATO, the United States Department of Defence, Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force; FOX News, CBS News, Boeing, Reuters, TESSCO, General Dynamics and others.

Customisable Satellite Terminals and Components

Norsat leverages its expertise in design and manufacturing through its comprehensive portfolio of high-performance customisable fly-away, maritime, fixed and drive-away satellite terminals and accessories to meet the varying needs of customers anywhere in the world. Norsat’s terminals provide broadband connectivity via satellite in areas where traditional communications infrastructure is insufficient, damaged, or non-existent. Setting the industry standard for quality, Norsat’s satellite component products are used by the world’s largest satellite integrators to enable the transmission and reception of signals. Norsat provides the same level of broadband connectivity in the middle of the ocean as it does on land, meeting maritime fleet needs to be in constant communication with various stakeholders.

Leader in 5G Interference Solution

The C-band 5G Interference Solution is Norsat’s latest product offering for C-band operators that require 5G interference mitigation. With the onset of 5G, there is a need for specialised products to block or prevent interference from 5G base stations in proximity of C-band ground terminals. The solution comprises interference suppression C-Band LNBs and specialised bandpass filters for effective satellite communication. Traditionally, C-band is used for satellite services, radar and microwave links; however, with the terrestrial wireless industry’s planned introduction of new mobile phone networks such as LTE, Wi-Max, and 5G, these C-band frequencies will now be shared amongst a wider range of services. The interference signals are powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-band satellite receiving systems, causing a potential for a total loss of service.

Defence Applications

Defence organisations are faced with increasing demands to provide real-time data to and from the battlefield. MILSATCOM provides clarity in live theatre which provides clarity to critical decision-makers. To meet this demand, Norsat’s sophisticated communication tools allow for rapid deployment into the harshest of environments sometimes with special customisable size, weight, power or feature requirements to meet the needs of a specific application.

Maritime Applications

Norsat is a leading provider of innovative satellite communication solutions for the maritime market, and provides solutions that include multiple bandwidth options, high availability and short lead times, and are built to military standards (WGS-Certified, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-167/1A). The COM series is a high-performance VSAT solution, designed for militaries, fisheries, oil and gas and other commercial applications. Its Global-VSAT solution includes everything needed for reliable maritime communications including satellite terminals, airtime, installation services and more.


Portable satellite systems such as the Norsat NewsLink can be transported by commercial airlines (hence the nickname “flyaways”) when a news story of global interest emerges such as the Asian tsunami, the war in Iraq or the terrorist incidents in Madrid and London. These instant ‘global news hotspots’ represent competitive environments for broadcasters, making reliable and rapidly deployable technology critical to being the first-to-air with a breaking story. Customers such as BSkyB, ITN and CBS use Norsat’s customisable portable satellite systems to give them that edge.


Norsat’s portable satellite systems provide an ideal technology for an organisation to re-establish communications links and continue operations in a safe, cost-effective mobile office following an unexpected business disruption (eg. due to a hurricane, terrorist attack, fire). Customisable to specific application requirements, Norsat’s portable satellite systems are light-weight, can be deployed quickly and can even be operated by non-technical personnel.

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