Delivering the ultimate visual experience with high-quality LED video walls

Absen is a leading LED display manufacturer offering professional indoor, outdoor, fixed and rental LED products and solutions. Established in 2001, Absen has been the largest Chinese exporter of LED panels for 11 consecutive years. With 30,000 and more cases in over 120 countries across the globe, Absen’s LED panels can be found everywhere from small to big businesses, broadcast studios, live shows, retail shops, sport events, billboards, airports, command centres, houses of worship and beyond. The company is renowned for its global presence, full-service capability and high-quality products for various industries.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Absen boasts a world-class factory in Shenzhen China with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It has 20 SMT (surface mounting technology) production lines, 34 high-speed SMT machines, two automated lines to improve PCB turnover efficiency, 20 automatic printers and five AOI (automated optical inspection) machines, With 20 SMT lines, the company can produce 520,000 pixels each hour with the production capacity at the PCBA workshop reaching up to two million pixels.
To ensure the high quality of products, Absen imports advanced manufacturing machines and devices and hires professional teams. In 2018 Absen joined hands with Mitsubishi and SAP to launch a US$2million plus manufacturing execution system (MES) programme to drive deeper digital transformation within the factory, which has improved manufacturing and management efficiency and reduced cost and carbon footprints.

Full-service Capability

Through the last 19 years, Absen has built a developed customer service system with 14 domestic and overseas companies worldwide including branches in China, Germany, the USA, the UAE, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.
With a mission to ‘maximise value for customers’, Absen invented the Absen Certified Engineer (ACE) programme to make its collective knowledge and expertise available to more partners and customers. The industry-first and free value-added training programme is continuously updated to ensure engineers are well-equipped to deal with client demands. Since its inception in 2014, more than 1,500 professionals have been certified worldwide.
To further enforce servicing capabilities, the Absen Certified Abserners (ACA) training programme targets Absen employees and some digital systems such as the Absen Service Centre (ASC) and System Applications and Products (SAP) etc.

Absen Middle East

Based in Dubai, UAE, Absen Middle East is the eighth international subsidiary for Absen. It was from here that the company began to expand into the international market. In the past five years since its establishment, Absen Middle East has grown impressively with a strong local service network and a highly-motivated team that consists of over 20 sales professionals, expert engineers and business assistants.

Award-winning LED Video Wall Solutions

LED is the preferred technology now due to its adjustable brightness, high refresh rate, low heat output and outstanding ability to create seamless big screens. When it comes to how digital display can be applied to broadcast media environment, Absen finds itself being utilised in numerous global projects with its market-leading LED display solutions.

Acclaim A27 Series
The Acclaim A27 series is a unique product tailored for the broadcast studio, control room, corporate and retail markets that require exceptional visual performance. With 27.5” in diagonal and a 16:9 aspect ratio, Acclaim A27 Plus is equivalent to one quarter the size of a traditional LCD 55” video wall panel.
It boasts higher colour uniformity, brightness and contrast and is able to deliver extraordinary real-time in-camera visual impact and better user experience.

Absenicon Series
Absenicon is an all-in-one presentation solution tailored to meet spaces of any size and able to deliver ultimate meeting experience. Designed to create bright, open and highly-productive meeting environments, Absenicon maintains attendees’ attention while improving information delivery effectiveness and overall efficiency, taking users’ meeting room experience to the next level.
Currently there are four different standard sizes ranging from 110” to 220”. Absenicon also features wider viewing angle, higher levels of brightness, contrast and colour saturation than traditional projectors and LCD displays, which make it a perfect presentation solution for any meeting space.
Absen has been trusted by systems integrators, production companies or advertising companies worldwide to deliver expert digital solutions for their customers, such as the record-breaking 167sq.m. curved screen with 103 million pixels in the Shenzhen Longgang smart city project and video wall in Hungary Echo TV studio in Europe.

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