Driving transformation to leverage new opportunities

The broadcast and media industry is experiencing an exciting transition.

Media organisations, broadcasters and service providers are moving away from long-held operational and business models to take on the challenges of a shifting mediascape.

Viewers demand richer, immersive viewing experiences with stunning images across multiple screens – wherever and whenever they want.

As consumers become increasingly proactive in the way they engage with and consume content, broadcasters and content providers must respond with new services.

At the same time, downward pressure on budgets is pushing media organisations towards greater efficiency.

Scalability, flexibility and agility have become essential to making fast and smart decisions that will leverage the opportunities presented by this ongoing market evolution.

New Approaches for a Shifting Mediascape

Traditional SDI infrastructures are limited in the flexibility they offer.

As broadcasters and media companies need to adapt quickly to shifting consumer habits, they are increasingly leveraging emerging technologies, such as cloud, IP, machine learning and intelligent automation, in the drive towards more profitable and sustainable business models.

With the largest number of open standards-based IP deployments in the industry, and as the front-runner in cloud and virtualised solutions built on standard, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, Grass Valley is strongly positioned to help customers make this transition seamlessly, and at a rate that suits the needs of their business.

Working in partnership with broadcasters and OB companies, Grass Valley leads the way with groundbreaking IP-based remote production deployments thanks to the unmatched capability of its field-proven DirectIP workflow, available via the Grass Valley LDX Series.

As the only camera manufacturer that delivers all-IP communication between a camera and XCU base station, Grass Valley enables production teams to maintain the bulk of its workflow at the main studio, sending only camera heads to on-site productions.

In addition to leveraging significant savings on time, budget and resources, this model maximises equipment usage at production facilities for higher return on investment.

Grass Valley is a trusted partner for gaming companies, specialist e-sports venues and event organisers, bringing its vast expertise to bear as this rapidly growing sector looks to increase its audience and engage with them across a variety of platforms. Combined with its long experience and deep knowledge in live production, Grass Valley’s product portfolio delivers the immersive live experiences that fans demand, providing stunning images of game footage, the on-stage playing environment, commentary, closeups and interviews with players.

Surviving and Thriving in the Current Market

Grass Valley is an unmatched partner that helps customers harness evolving market opportunities.

The company’s glass-to-glass offering and commitment to investing in innovation backed by the industry’s largest R&D engine and the weight of the Belden brand makes Grass Valley a business transformation partner that customers can trust for the long-term.

Grass Valley’s recently announced Core Technology initiative helps ensure a faster time to market and swifter response as it delivers greater functionality across its product portfolio.

This agile R&D approach will deliver the common cores, platforms, engines and interfaces that add exceptional value across Grass Valley’s entire product range.

The Core Technology initiative will set the direction for the Grass Valley portfolio and take a modern ‘build once, integrate to many’ approach in areas such as video processing, IP connectivity, cloud technologies and software-defined solutions.

The need for forward-thinking technology partners is more important than ever.

Customers need partnerships that help them meet the challenges of creating and delivering first-class content that is immersive, available across all platforms and leverages flexible and efficient workflows.

Grass Valley is committed to staying ahead of the curve and innovating not only the solutions it bring to market, but the way it creates them.

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