Satellite carrier monitoring and VSAT solutions

Integrasys specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of satellite carrier monitoring systems and VSAT installation and maintenance tools for the telecommunication and broadcasting markets.

Founded in 1990 by a group of engineers and experts in automated RF and microwave test systems and software, Integrasys offers a wide range of signal monitoring products for different telecom services.

Recognised by the industry as one of the most innovative companies, Integrasys has won four innovation awards in the last four years, crafting a tangible reality to their slogan – ‘building success from innovation’.

It has partnered with the best brands internationally, has global presence (opened new offices in the USA, Spain and Indonesia) and unmatched post-sales support and warranty programmes.

Integrasys continues to innovate in the carrier monitoring segment by investing heavily in R&D and maximising systems capabilities, speed and ease of use. Revenue has grown by 35% in the last three years, staff strength by 180% and profits by 300%.


To provide best quality and the fastest technology available.

To add value to service, technology, speed and cost-efficiency by innovation.


Controlsat is the fastest carrier monitoring system in the market able to measure 200 carriers per second.

Satellite carrier monitoring operations have never been performed as fast and easy and therefore this easy-to-use system allows significant operational expenses (OPEX).

Controlsat provides a new way of ensuring interference-free quality of service.

It is scalable allowing multiple user sharing on system capabilities and simultaneous measurements in multiple satellites and frequency plans.

Moreover, it is highly customisable for remote monitoring via fibre or satellite link.

Its main application is the HTS where Controlsat allows the operator to manage, control and monitor the spectrum on all gateway beams and user beams cost-effectively.

Controlsat allows monitoring carrier level, carrier centre frequency, transmission bandwidth and carrier power over unlimited number of analogue or digital-modulated carriers, reducing drastically the total time for checking the complete satellite payload.

Controlsat allows recording spectrum data for later analysis and report. These reports have the minimum size for sending by email to customers, providers or regulatory agencies to analyse quality of service or interference events.


Integrasys Satmotion Pocket is a unique VSAT auto-commissioning system for minimising deployment time, effort and interference intra-satellite such as CrossPol and inter-satellite such as Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI).

VSAT commissioning is crucial for small, medium and large networks and Integrasys provides the best tools for minimising time to market for its customers, maximising their network performances and minimising OPEX.

Satmotion Pocket simplifies the commissioning process as much as possible ensuring quality and interference-free on each installation by measuring Copol, Xpol and ASI and feeding back to the installer with an easy interface that they can understand without being experts on VSAT installations.

The following features make it unique:

  • Immediate return on investment
  • Significant installation time and cost-reduction
  • Zero calls between NOC/Hub operators and field installers
  • Simple interface and easy-to-use
  • Minimises interferences between polarisation and adjacent satellites
  • Trained by global VSAT forum GVF514 anywhere, anytime

Integrasys Alusat is a unique automated network maintenance system for minimising maintenance time, effort and interference intra-satellite or any service degradation. In certain conditions, it can even recover out-of-service or service-degraded terminals.

This solution allows accurate installation during remote commissioning. Alusat allows consistent monitoring of a VSAT site after installation ensuring optimum operation levels; no service failures and site revisits guarantee minimised costs and revisits remotely.

Alusat checks all of the terminals in the targeted VSAT community, analysing Rx and Tx measured values of Copol power, cross-pol isolation, adjacent satellite interference and 1dB compression point to detect failures and raise any necessary alarms with detailed reports.

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