Brightcove supplies award-winning video services for more than 3700 customers panning 70 plus countries and helping organisations of all sizes to exceed their goals through video. Since 2004, Brightcove has consistently pushed boundaries to create a robust, scalable, innovative platform for organisations that are serious about video. The company sets the standard for professionalgrade video management, distribution and monetisation, thanks to R&Ddriven continuous innovation, unrivalled customer support and an extensive partner ecosystem.


The Brightcove team, whether in Dubai, Mumbai or any of its 12 offices, believes the success of its customer is their own success. This means the company’s operations are structured to deliver three core qualities that help you deliver, to include the following:


As a NASDAQ traded company, founded in 2004, Brightcove is not a start-up. Brightcove was streaming before Youtube and the company’s experience within the industry has guided it to create a stable, progressive video platform.

Award-winning Support:

Problems happen. Customers can call on award-winning support that follows the sun. For the sixth year, the Technology Services Industry Association has awarded Brightcove the Support Staff Excellence award.

Secure Future:

Wherever your audience is, you are and nowhere else. As your audience moves to new platforms and devices at a relentless pace, Brightcove helps you stay ahead in a changing world.

Beyond Brightcove’s stability, scalability, support and security, its services are developed to provide customers with the capabilities to grow. As Frost and Sullivan recently confirmed, Brightcove delivers global, market-leading services for customers that have a wide range of requirements – from ‘off the shelf’ projects that need fast delivery and simplified workflows, to multiyear projects with development roadmaps that put a long-term strategy in the driving seat.

Brightcove services are directed and developed to give customers the capabilities needed to best deliver service to core audiences

Your Capabilities with Brightcove


Audiences are now cable-cutting and mobile-first but expecting the same quality of experience as traditional broadcast. With Brightcove’s VOD, OTT and live services, customers can provide the same to them, scaling audiences across devices and at the same quality as traditional broadcast.


When it has to be live, it has to be Brightcove. With reliable, HD and multi-stream live streaming service, Brightcove has been able to scale to 14 million concurrent viewers, with further scalability happening daily. Give audiences control of their experience through DVR functions (pause, play and rewind), and engage them through interactive functions such as chat and polls or catchup TV, live to VOD, live clipping to social or live to social.


Your content is important. Choosing Brightcove as your video partner allows you to protect it. With Brightcove, your content can be protected by georestrictions, IP-restrictions, domainrestrictions, single sign-on (SSO), encryption, watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) as well as playback authorisation services used by some of the largest broadcasters globally.


Content is valuable. Whether revenue is from advertising or subscriptions, Brightcove provides you with the platform you need. Capabilities include Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) which increases digital revenues by replacing broadcast ads with digital ads, either in VOD or live, as well as advanced analytics that help identify audiences.


Brightcove currently deliver 99.999% uptime and 500 million video views a week, 31 billion views a year, watching over 800 million videos. Brightcove is available across 16 cloud-first data centres around the world and is able to scale from 80,000 concurrent viewers to 3.4 million in just 24 minutes.

Middle East and Africa

Brightcove understands customers operations are best served by a company that is local. This means working with a video partner that understands the nuances and requirements of a specific audience. It also means having someone you can sit down, trust and strategise with, instead of a call centre. Brightcove’s operations in Africa and the Middle East is led by Rick Cordeiro, Head of Middle East and Africa