Show title: Who Are You
Run time: Paper Format
Producer: FormatEast
Cast: 1 Host + 6 Celebrities + Audience Judge
Exec Producer: IlJoong Kim
Writer: HeeSu Kim
Genre: Entertainment
Demographics: All ages


Music competition shows where celebrities’ ‘alternative characters’ full of imagination fight for the best character, ‘Who Are You’. It reflects the current “alternative-character” boom in Korea, which is the concept Korean celebrities use to broaden their broadcast spectrum.


‘Who Are You’ is a music competition show with celebrities’ ‘alternative character’, which refers to celebrities appearing on shows using their alternative characters as a way to broaden their broadcast spectrum. Celebrities wishing to challenge themselves as their alternative characters gather to perform on stage as their different alternative characters each round, which in other words suggest that it is a music competition show without any elimination of the actual singer in the show, but the elimination of their alternative characters. Providing an opportunity and anticipation to see favourite celebrities in unexpected, and thus surprising characters, ‘Who Are You’.


FormatEast, a 100% subsidiary company of SBS, was founded in December 2018 to create more business opportunities, to expand the market for Korean creators, and to become a Hub of Format IP Development and Distribution. FormatEast is one of the official operating companies of the “KOCCA Format Lab Project”, which is a government-funded project with the objective of creating new Korean original entertainment show formats.