Show title: PPOPPOPPO Friends
Run time: 25min × 100 episodes
Director: Live-Action PD – Hye-in Kim / Animation PD – Yeong-ho Kim
Producer: HongDangMoo Inc.
Cast: Seo-young Lee
Exec Producer: Ho-yang Kang
Writer: Su-kyeong Park
Genre: Edutainment TV series (Live-action, Animation)
Demographics: Age 3-6


Healthy Body and Healthy Mind! TV contents “MBC PPOPPOPPO” has been in the front line of kid’s content in Korea. Its educational goal is “learning through playing.” This completes the core aspect of early childhood educational needs for future world leaders. It has five segments of animation and live-action per episode with various topics which are based on the kindergarten curriculum used worldwide.


The PPOPPOPPO FRIENDS, with its 40 years of history, is a kid’s edutainment programme for Generation Alpha who has been exposed to digital media from their birth. In order to cope with overflowing contents, indiscriminate information, and borderless culture, PPOPPOPPO provides guidelines to our future citizens and build healthy mind and body for themselves.
The legendary PPOPPOPPO character PPOMI lives in PPOPPOPPO Land. She uses a magic spell to bring PPOPPOPPO characters – Tourie, Neurie, Woorie – to PPOPPOPPO Land. With help from Tourie, Neurie, Woorie, and PPOMI, children solve the encountering problems.
Tourie, who is a prankster, serves as a superhero in PPOPPOPPO Land and protects kids from danger.
Neurie, who is kindhearted, provides comfort by giving big hugs to children who might have emotionally been hurt.
Woorie, who is AI smartypants, always provides information and guides PPOMI and kids through their journey.
To give concrete information and credit, PPOPPOPPO has three experts who advise in areas such as children’s emotional therapy (dance), physical education, and English education.
All the episodes are based on the topics and themes from the kindergarten curriculum commonly used worldwide.


HongDangMoo is expanding its reach into animation, character, licensing, and high quality educational and edutainment content business based on its valuable know-how established with educational content design. It has a unique position in the development of edutainment content as it has the ability to plan and develop animation content that is likely to enter the global market and has a long-standing partnership with excellent education companies.

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