Show title: To All The Guys Who Loved Me
Run time: 70’ × 16eps
Director: Choi Yoon-suk
Producer: KBS
Cast: Hwang Jung-Eum, Yoon Hyun-Min, Seo Ji-Hoon, Jo Woo-Ri
Writer: Lee Eun-yeong
Genre: Drama, Format
Demographics: 15


This is a story of a woman who decides not to marry because of hurtful loves, a man who still loves her and wants to protect her for life, and a man who wants to correct his relationship with her in his past life through love.


1. Two men appear before a woman by destiny! Will her resolution fall apart or not?
2. How will an encounter between a man and a woman, who were married in their previous lives, continue in their present lives?
For Hyun-joo, there are just two types of men. They are either babies or dogs.
When she turns 30, she almost marries a refined prosecutor of a rich family. But she ends up realising that marriage is not her thing. However, there is Do-gyeom, who loves Hyun-joo no matter what from childhood and Ji-woo who appears out of the blue making her confused. “OMG! Were you my husband in the previous lives?”


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