Creating innovative productions

Sponix Tech Limited is a leading content and technology provider company with years of international experience producing exciting, entertaining and dynamic video content for high profile clients in business and elite sport.

The team consists of experts in leveraging the power of video to reach customers, increase brand visibility and create high quality, shareable content, whether in a B2B environment or engaging directly with sport fans. The company’s end-to-end creative services cover the entire video production process, from developing the initial concept through to offering pre-production, filming and post-production services. Most of the production involves one hundred percent in-house motion graphics work, thereby adding another dimension to the storytelling.

Sponix Tech’s unique video content technologies such as its player’s Point of View technology (POV) and Digital Billboard Replacement (DBR) have been receiving attention from all sorts of sports media outlets as one of the most amazing viewer experiences and technologies in sports television history.

Sponix Tech defines itself in the sports technology industry. Over the years, the company has built excellent working relationships with its clients, and pride themselves on the repeat work and recommendations that they receive. A hardworking team of engineers and employees have developed innovative solutions that have pioneered systems in the field of production. The team is also working on challenging new technologies intends to create new services to the market.

Areas of Expertise

  • Content Provider
  • Technology provider


Point of View

Developed by Sponix Tech, this software can create the ‘point of view’ angle using only the broadcast footage. For live events, footage is captured at the highest quality possible and the software automatically processes the frames for that key moment to create the viewing angle. Currently, for football matches, the processing time is between 15 to 20 minutes, and the new version is aimed at decreasing the time to less than seven minutes.

Digital Billboard Replacement

Having developed a pure software technology for digitally replacing advertisement around the field, Sponix Tech is the first company to have the technology for both sports – ones with a static camera like tennis and badminton, and those with a moving camera like football and basketball. Significant features of this high-end technology are as follows:

  • Fully software-based solution
  • Smooth ad-positioning
  • Determination of the overall movement of virtual ads
  • Optimised image colour adjustment
  • Ad appearance consistency with other parts
  • No adaptation to cameras and perimeter boards
  • No impact on TV production

Key Clients

Sponix Tech works with broadcasters, leagues and clubs. Most recently, the company worked with the UAE Pro League Committee in two of their final matches. In addition, the company has made forays in to Europe by collaborating with Benfica TV in Portugal. Benfica uses the PoV technology during home matches of S.L. Benfica in Portugal Primeira Liga. Currently, plans and negotiations are in place to implement the company’s unique technologies for one of the best European leagues.



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