Virtual production studio

Located at the heart of the International Media Production Zone Dubai, Fractal Studio is a state-of-the-art, mixed-reality facility equipped with a wraparound LED volume. With a virtual production stage that is 7000 sq.ft large, the 120 sq.m. LED wall, comprises a main, in-vision curve that is 24m wide by 5m high, two moveable side screens 3×2.5 meters each and height-adjustable LED lights that complete the fully encapsulated yet highly adaptable space. With LED volume featuring the most advanced real-time technologies and workflow, the production facility enables all delivery specifications of film and TV production necessary while using LED screens. The stage delivers a full solution for mixed-reality shoots and can be used for shooting in-camera VFX, and with camera, grip and lighting packages that are available on-site.

Stage Facilities

Production company facilities include:

  • 20ft Height Clearance
  • Full Lighting Grid
  • Ancillary Spaces
  • Drive-in Capability
  • Green Room
  • Virtual Production
  • High-speed Broadband
  • Wet Hire
Virtual Production Benefits

Virtual production encourages a more interactive, non-linear and collaborative process. It empowers the filmmakers (including department heads) to collaboratively iterate on visual details in the moment, not deferring all of these decisions to post.
For filmmakers, the uncertainty of traditional pre-production and visual effects production are replaced with working imagery far closer to the final pixel. And because this high-quality imagery is produced via a real-time engine, iteration and experimentation are simplified, cost-efficient, and agile.
Creating Previs imagery via a real-time engine unlocks additional benefits. Sequences can be quickly updated and output at very high levels of image quality. As a result, more members of the team can share the vision of the final content much earlier in production.

  • Real-world camera movement for enhanced realism
  • Avoiding budget creep in post with increased levels of collaboration
  • Virtual green screen placement
  • Controlled lighting environment (as an example production can benefit a same sunrise light for 12 hours and days
  • Solving logistic problems and cost
  • Sustainable solution

LED Volume

  • 120 sqm (24x5m)
  • 480 INFiLED LED P 2.5
  • 9600 x 2000 Resolution
  • 192 degrees
  • 1000 nits
  • Novastar Processing

LED portable panels

  • 2 doors
  • 7.5 sqm (3×2.5m)
  • 60 INFiLED LED P 2.5
  • 1200 x 1000 Resolution each
  • 1000 nits
  • Novastar Processing

Camera, Light & Grip

  • Alexa Mini LF / Alexa Mini / Red Helium
  • Telescopic Crane 17’
  • 2 axes head
  • Dolly

Video Output and Rendering System

  • Disguise Ecosystem
  • 2 x VX2
  • 3 x RX2
  • Mellanox 100 GB (Rendersteam)
  • 24Tb Content Distribution System
  • Work stations with RTX A6000

Camera & Tracking System

  • Optitrack Tracking System
  • Arri Metadata Integration

Active shooting area

  • 112.7 sqm (7.912 x 14.248m)
Preparation Workflow

Environment Pre-visualisation

  • Designing to approximate the look and feel of final sequences
  • Experiment with different staging and art direction options such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing

Environment Optimisation for Virtual Production

  • Packaging scenes for ingestion into rendering systems
  • Preparing real-time controls
  • Optimising scenes for real-time rendering

Visual Scouting

  • Presents a completely digital version of a location via an HMD (head-mounted display)
  • Positioning props and virtual cameras with lenses
  • Define set builds and/or shoot entire sequence


  • Combining virtual elements with real-world equipment
  • Validating camera moves, camera placement and lens choices

Fractal Studio
A-16, IMPZ, Dubai, UAE

Managing Director
Azin Samarmand
Tel: +971 557739843

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Fractal Studio A-16, IMPZ, Dubai, UAE