Raising the bar

One of the UAE’s leading production houses, IPSTUDIOS has built an industry-wide reputation for delivering progressive and disruptive productions over the last 18 years. Founded in 2004, IPSTUDIOS, a cross-platform production house, is dedicated to the creation of world-class content and live productions, and sits at the heart of the media landscape.
Internationally recognised for quality, integrity and creativity, IPSTUDIOS is the home of compelling content and creative innovation. The company is one of a few production firms that can combine live production, content creation and outside broadcast production with expertise, on a global scale.
Headquartered in state-of-the-art offices in Abu Dhabi in the UAE and across the region, IPSTUDIOS works on a wide range of productions including drama, lifestyle, factual programming, kids’ entertainment, sports and branded entertainment.

Unforgettable Sports Productions

IPSTUDIOS works on large-scale sports events and live production – from production setup to management. The team believes in the power of sports to make connections and to impact people like few other forces in the world. From concept creation through to delivery, the production house offers turnkey solutions across a wealth of sporting genres. With a long-established history in the broadcast sports industry, IPSTUDIOS’ accumulated expertise comes together to deliver first-class coverage and events.
The studio works closely with clients to forge bonds and to create strong, lasting relationships that result in exclusive collaborations and concepts for each and every event. IPSTUDIOS leverages existing platforms to increase brand awareness, enhance sales and boost market share, taking events to another level while constantly pushing the envelope. IPSTUDIOS takes an idea, develops it, manages its production and implements it to the very highest industry standards, creating live stream productions, social media content, rolling edits, crafted highlights, PR and sponsorship packages, visual design elements and more. Each solution is tailored to client needs, resulting in bespoke projects and unique outcomes that capture moments never to be repeated.

Industry-leading Content

IPSTUDIOS prides itself on its dedication to creativity, to making the very finest audio-visual content and providing clients with end-to-end services. The studio works to develop engaging visual assets with client’s needs at the core.
The company’s long history and experience and time-tested approach has resulted in well-established production processes that leverages the skillsets of an international group of creatives, designers, artists, animators and professional production crew, along with an international roster of commercial directors.
A wide range of services encompass pre- and post-production, 2D and 3D animation and VFX, provision of production crew and equipment, photography, videography and design to create short and long form pieces, children’s content and entertainment and reality offerings. This experienced, diverse team allows for a wide range of production services under one roof, directed toward achieving client goals and telling their stories. The team works to bring together the latest production techniques and approaches to create contemporary commercials, music videos, films, reality series, shorts, documentaries and branded visuals. The end result is fresh visual stories that create a lasting impact on their audience.

Live Productions

IPSTUDIOS specialises in the design, permitting and production of large, live events. As with every genre they work in, the studio can take a nascent, creative idea and use it to shape a unique project. From setting up to wrapping up, IPSTUDIOS designs every facet of a project through fabrication to production. The team also guides a project through the various permits it requires, ensuring everything goes without a hitch. These cover brand experiences, broadcast and streaming services, content design and production, creative and event consultancy, digital and hybrid experiences, event design and production, event management, filming, marketing, PR and sponsorship and social and digital media content.
With decades of experience producing live events, IPSTUDIOS has a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges presented when creating live events. Clients are advised with total transparency at every step of the journey.


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