Show title: Mating Machine
Run time: 50m × 2eps
Director: Son Seungwoo
Producer: EBS
Exec Producer: Son Seungwoo
Genre: Documentary
Demographics: Family


Are These Organisms Too Sexy to Survive?


Why do males look more decorated and beautiful? Why are females so picky in choosing their mates? Why do we do things that have nothing to do with our survival? We look for the answers by studying the lives of plants, insects, fish, mammals, birds, and primates of the world. The true winner of the battlefield of evolution is not the ones that survive, but the ones that mate successfully. We have evolved into both surviving machines and dating machines.


Part 1, Males
The energy of life explodes on two occasions. One is when an organism is hunting, and the other is when an organism is mating. Basic survival is meaningless. If an organism fails to mate, its genes will disappear. And since males cannot give birth to offsprings, they become more desperate. This episode covers the males’ courtship rituals to get chosen by females and the fight for these females.

Part 2, Females

When did males first appear? Was it like Adam and Eve where the male appeared first and the female followed? Or was it the opposite? This episode takes a look at females that hold the secret of the birth of males and the steering wheel of evolution.


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