Show title: Insects, Geniuses of Strategy
Run time: 50m × 2eps
Director: Seo Joon
Producer: EBS
Exec Producer: Seo Joon
Genre: Documentary
Demographics: Family


This Documentary looks at the small world of insects resembling the world of humans in its clever survival methods.


As long as I can leave behind my genes!
Part 1 “Secretive Birth” shows the heartbreaking battles that insects engage in for their offspring. A cockroach wasp makes a huge cockroach its food source for its offspring by controlling the cockroach’s brain, a braconid wasp lays its eggs inside a leaf rolling beetle’s leaf crib, and a mantid fly larvae lives off the egg pocket of a Jorō spider that had struggled for 12 hours in the cold to put it together. You will be led through the lives of insects that adopt different strategies to survive, for the sole purpose of producing offspring.

Insects’ clever survival methods

Part 2 “Hide-and-Seek” introduces the creative hunting techniques and defence strategies of insects. From the private life of an yellow owlfly larva that tricks and hunts its prey with its big, intimidating jaw, a European grain moth larva freeloading off an ant nest, an acorn weevil having a tense standoff to get an acorn, a hide-and-seek between birds and a larva at death’s door, to the emergence of a squeaking silkmoth that overcomes a 1% chance of survival, you will get a close look at the clever tactics that insects employ in order to live and serve their purpose on Earth.


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