Integration excellence for production facilities and workflows

Founded in Germany and long-established as one of the country’s leading systems integrators, Broadcast Solutions has been increasingly active across the Middle East and North Africa for more than 15 years. Having operated an office in the heart of the UAE for several years, the company recently took the next step by acquiring the team and assets of Videlio Middle East. With this merger the company has expanded its activities in the Middle East and Africa by dramatically increasing the ability to service regional broadcasters and propose fixed installations and facilities, in addition to providing OB vans and mobile platforms on-site with dedicated teams.
With a team of a dozen professionals based out of Dubai Media City, Broadcast Solutions Middle-East services broadcasters and provides Command and Control (C2) systems to corporate and enterprise clients.

Mobile Future-proof Production Tools

The construction of OB vans, SNGs, mobile galleries and ENGs has constituted the company’s core business for many years. As a hardware manufacturer-independent systems integrator, the company draws on the latest and best-in-breed solutions to meet customer demands and to streamline workflows and operations, giving them future-proof tools to operate with ease of mind. With over 350 vehicles built to date, the company excels in the integration of innovative solutions in any mobile solution you can think of. Possessing specialist know-how in air-conditioning and coach-building, Broadcast Solutions delivers mobile production facilities that are able to work under the harshest conditions.
The development of the Streamline OB van family has taken the company vision for OB to a new level. With capacity from four to 26 cameras, Streamline OBs are able to cover all common production scenarios. Representing a more standardised, product-oriented approach to OB design, these vehicles feature similar technical specifications, space and workflow concepts and are cost-effective and quick to deliver. Vehicles and trailers are always in stock and ‘ready to roll’.
These OB vehicles offer many benefits in terms of daily live operations. Its incomparable design and equipment mean that set-up times and training required is considerably lower than encountered elsewhere in the OB market. Moreover, all Broadcast Solutions OB vans – whether equipped with bespoke designs or from our Streamline series – include the latest technology and scalable solutions (HD, UHD, HDR, IP connectivity, full IP) to ensure they are prepared for future technical and production-related innovations.

Remote Production and IP-based Production Environments

Broadcast Solutions designs and builds TV studios, radio studios, playout centres, MCRs, post-production and archiving facilities, including all relevant contract work – from furniture to IP-network technology. This makes the company a veritable ‘one stop shop’ for design and delivery of modern production facilities.
The constantly evolving broadcast industry requires flexible infrastructures from broadcasters and production houses that optimally implement the use of human and technical resources. Besides the technical challenges associated with the paradigm shift to IP-based production, workflow adaptations and remote productions play a decisive role in maintaining a competitive edge.
Broadcast Solutions supports the full range of these new production environments. Projects range from small centralised studios to remote production hubs where several productions can be handled simultaneously. Using IP-based workflows and fibre lines, it connects local production units on-site to studios and control rooms, playout centres and MCRs located more than 200km away.

Broadcast and Wireless Technology for Security and Police

From tactical deployments for security organisations to emergency systems for government services and maintenance procedures for industrial facilities, the requirements for situational awareness in the field are diverse and complex. Broadcast Solutions offers implementations leveraging the latest MIMO IP-Mesh wireless communication tools, broadcast-class video caption, transmission and storage in mobile command and control centres, naval and airborne use cases, or general fixed installation applications. Solutions are enhanced with ruggedised tactical kits that can be deployed rapidly and which enable additional power and connectivity.

The Sharjah Grand Mosque Project

Opened in May 2019, the Sharjah Grand Mosque occupies an impressive 185,806m2 and is capable of accommodating more than 25,000 worshippers, making it the second biggest mosque in the country after Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque. A recent technical upgrade saw Broadcast Solutions implement a broadcast centre with PTZ cameras allocated in the prayer hall capable of broadcasting these prayers and events to the masses with minimal human resources. The broadcast infrastructure relies primarily on equipment from Ross Video. Installations included a grid of 12 white Panasonic PTZ cameras throughout the mosque interior, six of which are located in the main prayer hall and can be controlled centrally over Nevion fibre channel links from the spacious first-floor broadcast control room.

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