Building expert engineering systems

Aret Engineering is a globally active Italian broadcast systems integrator with extensive experience in providing sophisticated broadcast projects.

Established more than 40 years ago in Milan, Aret continues to deliver consistently high-profile turnkey projects to an international client base in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and America.

Founded in 1976 to provide OB vans and studios for RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), Aret unfailingly demonstrated growth in its business with outstanding technical expertise.

With a wide range and volume of successfully rolled-out projects, Aret continues to retain the confidence of its customers worldwide.

The drive for unceasing improvement prompted the creation of a ‘Learning Organisation’ within Aret which sets a benchmark for every project delivered and attempts to improve the next one.

Diversified Segments

Aret’s portfolio of segments cover systems integration, OB vans coachbuilding, overseeing turnkey video and audio integrated systems, radio/TV Studios, DSNGs, Master Control Rooms (MCR), outside broadcast solutions, equipment distribution, IP infrastructures, consulting, commissioning, design, training and after-sales support.

Area of Expertise

Aret’s engineering expertise encompasses TV/radio OB vans, DSNG vans, radio and TV production, post-production studios, news studios, production automation, master control rooms, IP networking, storage and robotics.

A highly-skilled staff composed of engineers and certified technicians directly manages all the services.

Designers, coachbuilders and systems integrators are the three keywords that summarise the core services which include: consultancy, architectural design, systems design, project management, coachbuilding, systems integration, training and after-sales support.

Aret’s unique approach to broadcast systems integration relies exclusively on the internal resources of the company with fully trained, skilled and experienced staff covering all relevant subjects.

Advanced Product

With its in-house coachwork department, decades of experience and over 450 OB vans delivered all over the world, Aret has developed a highly efficient coachbuilding technique dedicated to outside broadcast vehicles working in every type of environment.

The benefits of having an in-house coachwork are countless; among these, the possibility to carefully monitor the construction of an OB van in every single step through all the phases.

One of the key factors in creating the best outside production vehicles in the world is combining coachbuilding and system integration.

This technique allows having a strict connection between all parts and variables of the project that need continuous feedback throughout all the different stages.

Aret OB vans have unmistakable style with customised components that are best suited for the purpose.

All Aret designs have a distinct Italian-style based on careful choice of materials and use of the finest Italian craftsmanship to deliver unique customised products.

Every OB van features stunning interiors designed with superior quality materials.

Key Projects

Aret is remarkably proud of its success in the Middle East and Africa with more than 100 OB vans delivered over the last 15 years, along with successfully completed projects in production studios, robotics studios, MCRs, MAM systems and conference rooms.

These projects were delivered to broadcast clients in Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa as well as private service companies.

The last year saw the presentation and delivery of many new projects, among which were a radio OB van with modular design delivered in Bahrain, winner of the Outstanding Innovation in OB Engineering award by BroadcastPro Middle East.

Contact info

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 30, 20080 Zibido San Giacomo MI, Italy