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Qvest Media is a world-leading systems architect specialising in the broadcast and media industry. Apart from delivering high-quality solutions and systems integration, Qvest Media’s service portfolio spans the entire spectrum of digital transformation, from change management consulting, cloud migration and virtualisation services to artificial intelligence. Qvest Media is headquartered in Germany with further locations across Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


With Qvest.Cloud, Qvest Media has developed a versatile management platform to shape the future of systems integration. Qvest.Cloud breaks down the barriers between on-premise data centres, private clouds and public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Based on an open interface design, third-party cloud applications can easily be aggregated, merged together and used without having to deal with the hurdles of as many user and administration interfaces.

Users can create end-to-end business processes and utilise them via a central user interface where they are also monitored. Integral components of the cloud-native platform are cross-application features such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Orchestration
  • Measuring
  • User Management
  • Cost Control
  • Security

Management Benefits include:

  • One-stop cloud management platform
  • Scalable and perfectly cloud elastic
  • Enabling new revenue streams
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Radically simplified contract management
  • Facilitating control over the entire digital supply chain
  • Compatible with all cloud models

User Benefits:

  • All tools available anywhere at anytime
  • Access with one single login
  • Full collaboration on one platform
  • Immediate status feedback
  • Enriched possibilities for more creativity
Business Units and Services

Consulting With more than 25 years of experience in broadcast and media technology, Qvest Media offers unmatched expertise in understanding and responding to the changing needs of the digital economy like transformation management, technology and platform strategies, optimisation of digital supply chains or enterprise architecture management.

Systems Integration
For content production, multi-channel distribution or server, network and device management, Qvest Media delivers a high-level of expertise in best-of-breed networking products and systems providing turnkey infrastructures.

Managed Technology
Shorter technology life cycles, evolution of disruptive technologies, growing competition and system complexity drive media companies to rethink and adapt their own business models. Qvest Media supports media organisations along their entire supply chain through Managed Technology. Its services and support levels are tailored to customer needs, since technical architecture, personnel structure and financial resources require a coordinated approach in support management. Primary goal is always the enduring optimisation of customer business processes. Qvest Media achieves this through expert systems availability management, risk minimisation, protection from outages and streamlining IT cost structures.

All-IP Broadcast Infrastructure: Current Key Projects & Clients

Sky, Germany – Sky Sport HQ: For Sky, Qvest Media designed the new sports production and broadcasting centre Sky Sport HQ on a total area of 4,600 m2 and carried out the entire systems integration.

Al Mamlaka TV, Jordan – 24/7 News Station: Qvest Media realised the complete infrastructure for the 24/7 news channel Al Mamlaka TV in Jordan. For this outstanding project, Qvest Media was awarded ‘Systems Integrator of the Year’ at the 2018 ASBU BroadcastPro Awards.

VRT, Belgium – Media house of the future: In the course of a long-term innovation partnership, Qvest Media Consulting and Flemish public broadcaster VRT develop the ideal framework conditions to create a highly advanced media house for more than 2,100 media professionals.

tpc Switzerland AG, Switzerland – All-IP broadcast infrastructure: For tpc Switzerland’s sport, news and technology centre in Zurich, Qvest Media blueprints the first all-IP broadcast infrastructure based on SMPTE ST 2110.

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