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With over 30 years of experience, Qvest advises and supports organisations and companies worldwide on technology implementation in the context of digital transformation, and is a world-leading systems architect, ICT integrator and developer of software products in the innovation-driven media industry. The company’s range of services is aligned to the opportunities emerging from an increasingly digital media value chain such as multi-platform content delivery, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, multi-cloud management and IP infrastructures. Qvest clients include numerous renowned media networks, telecommunication providers, broadcasters as well as companies and organisations from the industrial and public sector. In addition to the headquarters in Cologne and Dubai, Qvest operates further locations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.
Thanks to these worldwide Qvest locations, an equally high standard of project, delivery and service quality is ensured for internationally active companies – especially in the MENA region. With almost 15 years of experience in the MENA, Qvest has gained outstanding market and product knowledge in the areas of media technology and information and communication technology.
With the transformation of traditional business models and the opening up of new market segments, business processes, organisational procedures and the demands placed on employees are changing. This change dictates that opportunities and risks are constantly evaluated, and that people are seen as the central factor to be supported by technology solutions.

Inspiring Skillsets and Strategies
  • Solutions-orientated, technically mature and future-proof architecture planning
  • Tailormade and efficient software solution
  • Technologically refined systems integration based on the ‘best-of-breed’ principle
  • The Qvest approach of the team in Dubai and other worldwide locations results in cross-media networked benchmark architectures in areas such as media, entertainment, online, social and broadcast in order to deliver what ultimately matters: a first-class experience for customers as well as a unique media experience. With this mindset, Qvest has identified some potential infrastructure projects in the MENA region, and the interdisciplinary and international Qvest team in the Dubai office is well prepared with the backing of valuable experience gained in projects on the global and local stage.

A Global Network

At Qvest, digital transformation is an integral part of its DNA. With a globally networked team, the company has implemented top technological solutions for its customers for decades, in line with the ‘best-of-breed’ principle. This expertise ensures the greatest possible masterfulness in the consultation, selection and implementation and organisational deployment of high-tech solutions. For Qvest, however, technology is only ever a means to the actual end – to enable maximum ease of use for the user. A project is only a real success when the user no longer notices the technology in the workflow – and thus benefits from a completely intuitive tech experience and consequently achieves the best results for their customers.
At Qvest, empathy is therefore just as important as efficiency and expertise when it comes to cooperation. It is crucial to work out exactly what the customer needs and what the company can do to help, and only in the second step does this lead to the individually tailored set of solutions for a ‘next-level experience’.

Key Broadcast Clients

Through its world-leading role as an innovative systems architect and ICT integrator for technology, customers from across the media sector benefit from Qvest’s expertise in consulting and design, as well as the development, implementation and operational support of media technology infrastructures with exemplary benchmarking project executions for media companies in the Middle East, Australia and Europe.

Key Events

Amongst others, Qvest is the trusted media infrastructure and technology partner for the German public broadcasters at all Olympic and Paralympic Summer and Winter Games since 2008 as well as for the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro tournaments.


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Qvest Media FZ LLC Business Central Towers Office No. 3601 A PO Box 502731, Dubai, UAE

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