Delivering efficient solutions and services

Assendive Communications is a group of consultants focusing on professional support across the rapidly evolving broadcast and media industry spectrum. Services are customised, compliant and within approved budgets to suit individual customer preferences which also include assigning different consultants for specific parts of a project.

From start to finish of the complex parts that make up the broadcast and media chain, the company stays in touch with regional and international companies to help supplement services that are essential for broadcast operations. Assendive Communications also ensures clients are best served in their area of requirement by offering the very latest in technology. Advice is expert, decisive and focused so as to help the customer accomplish the substantial task at hand. The company’s area of influence oversees the GCC, the Middle East and Africa.

Efficient Systems

Services provided encompass solutions that increase efficiency, speed up workflow and allow effective use of products that allow seamless processes for quick results. No matter the scope and nature of the project or geographical area of operation, Assendive consultants ensure rapid deployment and smooth rollout while sticking to stringent deadlines.

Through industry knowhow and experience the company is capable of carrying out the workflow processes involved in the building of broadcast and media infrastructure which can be tedious and time-consuming if not handled by skilled hands. Detailed analysis and review of work stipulations, capacity to fine-tune a project as it gets underway and planning are crucial to any broadcast and media project – this can include selecting the best resources and technology to suit individual business demands.


Assendive is founded and managed by Viswanathan Skandakkumar, a professional with 26 years of experience in the field of terrestrial broadcast transmission systems. A comprehensive understanding of operations and maintenance, network planning, systems design, integration, business development, sales, marketing and project management are Skandakkumar’s trademark skills.

A seasoned expert, he has engineered multiple projects in the GCC and the Middle East simultaneously handling complex, large, medium and small-scale projects. He has had promising careers with international names such as Rohde & Schwarz and Alan Dick, helping these companies broaden their operations network, intensifying their broadcast terrestrial businesses and increasing the bulk of their market share.


The Assendive team of consultants are a skilled network of experts who have comprehensive knowhow of complex systems. The team consists of Michael Buholzer David Smith, David Cope Stephen Leaver, Tom King and George Allcock, a cross-section of experienced broadcast specialists with a keen eye on market fluctuations and changing trends. Hands-on proficiency in cutting-edge broadcast infrastructure, commissioning and setting up of radio and television systems across the world gives the team the critical technical edge. The team offers cost-effective practices for a range of digital transmission challenges and infrastructure expansion procedures. Global experience in setting up systems helps the team understand and grasp an array of situational risks and arrangements.

Areas of Consultancy

The Assendive list of comprehensive and inclusive solutions are wide-ranging and cover the following:

  • Television broadcast
  • Radio broadcast
  • Satellite transmission
  • Terrestrial transmission
  • IPTV, OTT and headend
  • File-based media solutions
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Electrical and earthing
  • Heat air ventilation and cooling

The company also looks after services for end-users, vendors and systems integrators, key services that are essential during project plan and implementation. These comprise:

  • Site Surveys – an important aspect of the broadcast spectrum
  • Systems Design – which ensures design of systems that are not simply flexible and efficient, but one that is also necessarily future- proof
  • System Drawings – the foundation of any project, one that communicates the technical details of a project.
  • RFP Preparation – RFPs need to communicate specifications and the scope of works clearly
  • Budget Calculations – Deriving exact budgets for systems design, specification and scope of work
  • Bid Preparation – Tender preparation is a complex process requiring numerous attachments, use of graphics and pictures and special layouts and formatting. Assendive can prepare professional bids that can take customers to the last stage of evaluation in a bid evaluation process
  • Bid Evaluation – Accurately determine bids that must be in accordance with procedures stipulated in the RFP
  • Solutions Procurement – Procurement management is important for a successful project. Timely negotiations with suppliers and releasing purchase orders plays a vital role in maintaining project time lines
  • Project Management – The project manager plays a key role in defining the success of a project and ensuring it is implemented and operational changes effected in such a way so as to achieve the benefits expected by the organisation immediately, as well as in the future during the product’s life cycle
  • Technology Training – In a rapidly changing industry, it is important to keep team members up-to-date. Proficiency with technology is imperative in terms of the value it delivers to an organisation
  • Business Development – Business development is about detailed market research and understanding its segments, detecting potential new business opportunities and responsibilities of a business developer
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