Creating bespoke VOD content

ITWorksMe is a leading IT services company that specialises in delivering outstanding solutions to a range of companies across the region. Not adhering to the ‘one size fits all’ approach, the company in its place realizes that each client is different and hence creates tailormade solutions to suit different specifications that work. With a strong local and regional presence, ITWorksMe is seen as a leading and reliable IT and hosted services company. The works on the motto that there is only one way to get things done: the right way!
Established in 2009, ITWorksMe comprises a diverse and experienced team of individuals who choose to do things the right way. Going beyond traditional IT services, it provides deeper support based on long-term partnerships that exceed average consultation models to help clients solve their IT challenges effectively. Ten years on and with a track record of successful operational and strategic management experience at many levels, the company’s strength remains its people. Consultancy is not a service ITWorksMe provides, it is the guiding principle behind the success of its work and a proven methodology for assessing and delivering efficient solutions to clients.

Areas of Expertise
  • Managed IT Services and Consultancy
  • Managed Cloud and Online Services
  • Live Streaming and VOD
  • Bespoke Web and Mobile Development
Key Products

Kwikmotion is a comprehensive VMS to manage multi-screen content library, curate, monetise and serve video metadata without the need for third party providers. Kwikmotion offers broadcast, OTT and payTV video providers increased workflow efficiencies to deliver their content across any platform easily while using advanced publishing solutions.

  • Assets: Organise your media library in a simple appealing interface with advanced metadata handling
  • Advertising: Drive revenue and monetise high-quality video library by running direct sales campaigns or connecting to major ad servers and programmatic networks. Have full control over placement (pre-roll, midroll, overlay and post-roll)
  • Upload: Simple and fast solution for uploading and tagging videos regardless of file type and size (MP4, MOV, MKV, MPEG, 3GP, AVI and more) with an appealing friendly interface
  • Geo-blocking: Block entire VOD Library, specific content or live stream or enable them at will following business needs
  • Playlist: Generate manual and smart playlist allowing the assets library content to stream in the sequence that is most logical. Audiences will see videos in the order that you decide as if a live broadcast were taking place
  • Syndication: Distributing video and live stream to prominent social networks and video hosting sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many others)
  • Media Grabber, Access control, Syndication, watermark profiles and more

LIVE is a powerful streaming gear that makes viewers come back ad infinitum.

  • Clipping: Allows you to instantly clip, edit and publish in a few clicks. Generates high-value video-on-demand clips during live stream with the DVR ingest engine
  • EPG recording: Schedule daily or in bulk recordings without any hassle. The process is as simple as 1,2,3. After the recording is done, the video is yours to manage and share
  • Restream: Publishing live stream with a single click on all social platforms, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

This one pushes presence on the media scene far beyond your competitors and ensures your stories reach your audiences first.


Visualise critical metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard to learn how your audience is engaging with your video. Act on deeper insights with robust content performance, real-time and historical viewer engagement data:

  • Which content is driving the most engagement
  • Which devices and players your customers are using
  • Which countries that your audience is coming from, and
  • User profiling for SVOD users

Delight audiences with the latest technology in video players. Supports latest technologies including HLS, Dash, HDS, smooth streaming and progressive download.


Quickly and reliably prepares your video for any device or platform. Allows safe roll out changes to your videos, as well as trim, crop, join, share and easily watermark to create content unique to your brand experience.

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