Innovative cloud-based broadcast solutions

Amagi is the leading provider of next-generation cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure and services encompassing content preparation, playout, delivery, MCR operations and monetisation across traditional TV and OTT multi-screen platforms.

Amagi has deployments in over 40 countries, managing 160 plus feeds for global and regional TV networks and OTT providers across the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia.

Amagi has offices in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Mumbai and an innovation and operations centre in Bangalore. Amagi’s investors include KKR-backed Emerald Media, Premji Invest, Mayfield Fund and Nadathur Holdings.

Cloud-Managed Broadcast Services

The Amagi cloud-managed broadcast services is a first-of-its-kind offering in the TV broadcast industry.

It is a fully automated, end-to-end managed broadcast service enabling TV networks, content owners, operators and OTT platforms to leverage a public cloud infrastructure to prepare, store and archive, schedule, playout, deliver, monitor and monetise library, live and VoD content.

The highlight of the managed broadcast service is its simplicity, transparency and high degree of automation which substantially reduces cost of broadcast operations in comparison to traditional, manual-intensive managed services prevalent in the industry.

Clients can choose cloud playout or edge playout based on their unique requirements.

Supported by its extensive partnerships for providing fibre, satellite and IP delivery, Amagi provides a one-stop shop for TV networks, platforms and content owners to create, manage, deliver and monetise TV and OTT content.

Cloudport – Cloud-Based Playout Platform

CLOUDPORT is a cloud-based platform for multichannel playout of both live and non-live feeds.

By hosting a broad range of advanced playout capabilities on public cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, CLOUDPORT enables TV networks to launch new channels in less than four weeks at a fraction of the traditional broadcast costs.

Using CLOUDPORT, broadcasters can support the entire playout workflow from channel branding and graphics to subtitling, traffic and scheduling, compliance recording, quality control, multichannel monitoring and more.

In addition to delivering content to operator head-ends and teleports for further distribution, CLOUDPORT also offers automated transcoding and delivery to different vMVPD platforms, enabling broadcasters to address the growing consumer demand for multiscreen viewing.

The comprehensive scheduling feature in CLOUDPORT helps to create frame-accurate presentation schedules from scratch, stitching together programming content, commercials, static and dynamic graphics, squeeze backs, event triggers and live event integrations.

Full-screen graphics and 4K UHD support ensures high-quality viewing experience.

Storm – Ad Insertion Platform

Amagi offers TV networks a unique platform to insert targeted local ads on a common feed creating new revenue streams.

Unlike the traditional approach of setting up separate feeds for localising ads, Amagi’s STORM platform eliminates the need for high CAPEX and OPEX that is typical with regional feeds.

Central to the STORM platform is Amagi’s innovative, patented content watermarking technology.

The Amagi Watermark is a unique, invisible and inaudible signature that is inserted into the broadcast feed. The platform also consists of an advanced IRD installed at operator head-ends.

The STORM IRDs are capable of receiving broadcast feed and recognising the Amagi Watermark.

These watermarks act as replacement triggers and the STORM IRD replaces watermarked content with appropriate local ads stored in it as per the local playlist.

The platform is flexible in supporting delivery of local ads to the STORM IRD devices either through trickle satellite bandwidth or via cloud.

It also supports traditional triggers such as DTMF and SCTE 35 cue-tones in addition to Amagi Watermark.

Thunderstorm – OTT Ad Detection and Server-side Ad Insertion Platform

Amagi’s THUNDERSTORM platform enables TV networks to dynamically insert ads on the server-side simplifying delivery of personalised, targeted ads on premium live and linear OTT feeds.

With the ability to perform instant, server-side ad insertion, TV networks now have an effective approach to OTT ad insertion compared with the traditional method of inserting mid-roll ads on the client side.

The platform allows broadcasters to insert multiple types of ad formats, including bugs, L-bands and linear video for ultimate flexibility.

Since ads are stitched at the server level, THUNDERSTORM eliminates the need to create device-driven OTT ad streams making ads compatible across various screens.

In case of OTT aggregators/vMVPD platforms where they may not receive ad triggers in incoming broadcast feeds, THUNDERSTORM using machine learning techniques can automatically detect ads and replace them with targeted ads.

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