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Red Bee Media is the leading global media services partner for innovation and growth. Every day, millions of people across the globe discover, enjoy and engage with content prepared, managed, broadcast and streamed using Red Bee’s services. The company empowers some of the world’s strongest media brands, broadcasters and content owners to instantly connect with audiences anywhere at any time.
Red Bee’s origins date back to 2002, when BBC Broadcast Limited was created as a subsidiary to the BBC. In 2005, the company was sold to Creative Broadcast Services Holdings (owned by Macquarie Group) in Australia and renamed Red Bee Media.
Ericsson acquired the business in 2014 and branded it Ericsson Broadcasting and Media Services, until 2017 when the Red Bee Media brand was brought back. The company is still fully owned by Ericsson and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Unrivalled Expertise

Every day, world-leading broadcasters, streaming services, sports leagues and brands trust Red Bee to supply, enrich and show content to millions of viewers across the globe. Whether they need to ensure rock-solid coverage of a major live event, launch a new service or make content available to any device, Red Bee is the partner that will make it happen.
The company’s roots in broadcast and forward-thinking approach are the foundation for unrivalled expertise. Red Bee does what it takes to deliver amazing media experiences while driving business value, offering the service assurance and cost predictability required to unlock innovation, explore new business models, reach untapped markets and grow revenue streams.
From simple pay-as-you-scale modular products to completely outsourced operations, Red Bee offers flexible solutions for creating experiences that keep audiences coming back. A combination of passionate people, forward-thinking technology and service excellence with partnerships spanning over 50 industry suppliers, help customers hit their strategic goals on time and budget.

Media Services

The company’s media services span media supply chains for live, linear and on-demand content. Whether it’s D2C, indirect syndication or content acquisition or helping build the right technical teams to providing simple turnkey, pay-as-you-scale solutions, Red Bee provides innovative solutions across the entire content delivery chain including playout, OTT, distribution, MCR, media management, access services, content discovery and post-production.

Significant Projects
  • Newyonder:A streaming service and film production company, aiming to make the world a more sustainable place, one film at a time. All content to date, is produced by Newyonder and distributed globally through pay-per-view rentals, delivered with Red Bee Media’s managed OTT services.
  • Ekstraklasa: Red Bee Media works with Ekstraklasa to bring a more personal and engaging fan experience to the Polish league soccer supporters, in Poland and worldwide. Red Bee’s OTT platform allows Ekstraklasa to be available on multiple smart TV platforms starting with LG, Apple, Android and eventually Samsung.
  • PG Kids:A subscription-based streaming service for children’s content in the Middle East and North Africa, launched by Jordan based Progressive Generation Studios through Red Bee Media’s managed OTT services.
  • TV5MONDEplus:A global video-on-demand platform offering French content to audiences all over the world through web, mobile devices and smart TVs, leverages the Red Bee OTT-platform to provide access to first-class streaming and broadcasting expertise, as well as crucial features such as advanced advertising tech and geo-blocking functionality.
Key Clients

World leaders like the BBC, Canal+ International, ITV, TV5MONDE and Fox Sports trust Red Bee to bring the biggest news, sports and entertainment events to audiences every day. The company supports telcos and content providers such as Vodafone Iceland and Siminn as well as sports content organisations including Ekstraklasa, Fightzone and Extreme E.
Red Bee offers a global reach through 2300 media experts with operations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.


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