Global forum for teleport operators

Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has been the only trade association that focuses on the business of satellite communications from the ground up. At the core of its membership are the world’s most innovative operators of teleports – from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global hybrid carriers. WTA is dedicated to helping operators of teleports by helping them maintain and expand their business.

Advocating for their Interests

In an industry undergoing fast changes in technology, operations and business models, the WTA works with members to identify issues most critical to their success and advocates on their behalf. It provides a unified, respected voice when it comes to relationships with strategic partners in the sky and on the ground and the evolution of technology and applications. They educate partners and customers on the tremendous value that teleports bring to the global contribution and distribution chain for video, audio, data and voice. Through original research, case studies and white papers, WTA provides valuable market data, promotes achievements of industry leaders and explores issues that matter most to the teleport sector.

Promoting the Vital Role of Teleports

WTA provides members with access to business opportunities around the world through detailed profiles in the marketplace and a search-able online directory of providers. By placing them as speakers and panelists at industry gatherings and providing discounts on registration for their employees, the association provides exposure to an international audience of potential customers. Members are guided towards potential customers and strategic allies within this membership through an open-door policy.

Companies that do Business with Teleports

Companies that do business with teleports find that the WTA is the best investment they can make to open new channels to the industry at a cost every organisation can afford. Non-teleport members include:

  • Satellite and hybrid network operators
  • Providers and integrators of satellite communications technology
  • Producers of system, network and content management software
  • Consultants on technology, business and marketing
  • Business support services for the industry
  • Whether a company delivers communication services via satellite or provides the technologies and services that make it possible, WTA is your gateway to international opportunity.

Research Reports

WTA conducts and publishes original research to help teleport operators improve their operations, reduce costs and grow their business. Topics range from markets and business issues to technology and operational best practices.

Teleport Certification

WTA has launched a certification programme for teleports, covering facilities, technical infrastructure and operating procedures. The goal is to create an objective, transparent and internationally accepted method for:

  • Teleport operators to document the quality of their operations for customers and strategic partners.
  • Customers to select teleport vendors delivering the price-performance level that is appropriate for their applications.
Executive Dialogue Series

The Executive Dialogue Series provides WTA members with opportunities to share their experiences, views and technical knowledge with a global audience. During select conferences, WTA conducts video interviews with executives of WTA member companies on the show floor for playout on the WTA website.

Teleport Awards for Excellence

Since 1995, the WTA has presented annual awards to companies and individuals that have dramatically demonstrated excellence in the field of teleport operations, development and technology. Winners receive a presentation photograph, an award and assistance with promotion of their achievement. The Teleport awards for excellence are presented on the opening day of the annual satellite conference and exhibition in Washington DC during a luncheon ceremony.


Membership in WTA is for:

  • Teleport operators and developers
  • Satellite carriers and other companies for which teleports are a channel to market
  • Companies that sell to teleport and satellite operators

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