Secure and diverse teleport services

STN is a leading, innovative, forward-thinking global teleport facility. The company was built on a flexible and open technical infrastructure that allows it to encompass a full range of services and consolidate client requirements with immediacy, leaving room to evolve further as industry trends and technology dictates.
STN is firmly placed at the cutting-edge of satellite, broadcast, connectivity and co-location services. Based in Slovenia, the heart of Europe, STN’s strategic business approach and technical future-proofing has accelerated its evolution and established the company at the forefront of the design, integration and operation of complex communications solutions to the connected world.


A vast array of service solutions and bespoke approach to every client are what sets STN apart from the rest. Whether the need is to go global or reach individual regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, STN’s extensive and highly protected network ensures clients of complete security and continuity.
Through professionalism and vast industry knowledge, STN has earned a reputation that is punctuated by security, reliability, high quality and unrivalled turnaround time


Strategic location presenting easy access to all major satellite orbital positions empowers the company’s clients to grow in whichever direction they choose.
STN provides global telecommunication services in C-, Ku-, DVB-s and Ka-band for all prime satellites to all continents around the world. A complete satellite portfolio is available on the company website with additional options available on request.
STN offers fibre connectivity through redundant and diverse routes around the globe. Secure, high-quality services are given priority and a team of skilled professionals ensures that systems deliver fast and reliable services. STN has PoPs in all major data centres in Europe and is also connected with fibre networks spanning worldwide. With satellite, fibre and IP connections, the company provides end-to-end, managed service communications solutions worldwide.


STN’s range of expertise is diverse, enabling the company to facilitate single channel start-ups as well as transmit multiple top-tier communication platforms, while serving everything in between. STN offers TV channels, radio broadcasters and content producers high-quality, cost-effective outsource for all, or part of their play-out and transmission requirements, delivering content to end users across many different viewing devices ranging from TV screens, laptops and mobile phones.

LEO/MEO Constellations/Co-Location

STN offers the ideal ground network for LEO/ MEO satellite connectivity. Situated in a prime location in the centre of Europe, it has the expertise, ground space, security and excellent fibre-connectivity to host or subcontract sections of this business market. With one of the world’s most highly developed internet infrastructure, STN Slovenia has virtually unlimited capacities with complete double or triple redundancy/diversity options.
The centre has over 100,000 square feet of available land space to install new antennae, including gateways for new LEO or MEO projects.


STN can offer satellite operators/owners the space for hosting their TT&C antennae. Secure, controlled site access, redundant and diverse fibre network, skilled personnel and tools for the whole or part of TT&C installation are all part of the operational offer, with the option for office space if required. STN’s advantage lies in its strategic location which presents a wide visible arc of 120 degrees allowing easy access to all major satellites’ orbital positions.

Rack Space

STN provides equipment hosting in a secured and cooled rack room, which is constantly controlled with three temperature sensors. A continuous power supply is ensured with fixed power, UPS and diesel generator for back-up. The reliable fibre and IP networks with virtually unlimited capacities enable customers to have uninterrupted access to their equipment 24/7/.

Approach to Business

Building long-term relationships is the foundation of its business. At STN the client is paramount and everything begins and ends with them. As a result, each member of the team is given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the technical and customer service aspects of the business, through professional and educational development, enabling the company to provide the highest level of service support to each and every customer, every hour of every day.


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