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M-Three Satcom is an Italian organisation committed to providing top-level, reliable, complete and cost-effective solutions to international television, radio and A/V professionals, since 2004. M-Three Satcom activity is based in two teleports in Milan and Rome, connected to the worldwide GTT (previously Interoute Plc) network, allowing a full range of services in terms of geographical coverage and solutions portfolio.

A fleet of OB facilities for sports, news and shows production and transmission and a systems integration unit completes the 360° range of available services.

M-Three experience covers news coverage to sports broadcasting, content delivery and exchange, entertainment broadcasting, live corporate and business events, HD and 3D production and distribution.

Teleport Services

From the two owned teleport facilities in Milan and Rome and through long-term agreements with teleport and satellite operators worldwide, M-Three offers a wide choice of digital platforms for fibre-optics, satellite, OTT contribution and distribution.

The prime orbital positions directly managed by M3 from Milano station are Eutelsat 13 East and 9 East, both in DVB-S and S2 configurations, and serving a number of SD and HD channels as well as important Italian and European radio networks.

Most recently, M-Three started a new service for distribution in the east and Far East through Eutelsat E70 East, uplinking on two beams dedicated respectively to the Middle East and Indian region (wide beam) and to the Far East and Oceania (Asia Beam).

Both Eutelsat and other key players in the European and EMEA region are cooperating with M-Three in delivering DTH bouquet in the areas, and joining forces to provide cost-effective, reliable solutions.

Clients benefit from the M-Three commitment for an interruption-free service: earth station redundancy, power and fibre diversity, 24/7 support, plus a full site backup and recovery system managed between Milan, Rome and partner platforms.
Playout services and co-location at M-Three Premises, in addition to the robust fibre connectivity (which benefit from the co-presence of GTT POP facilities at the teleport, a number of co-location and managed services are available).

The playout centre consists of secured rack space, MCR, multiscreen area, systems personnel for a 24/7 operation that can support full management of TV and radio channels.

Clients can easily monitor or operate owned or leased equipment through Ip-dedicated access while on-site personnel provide ingestion, files quality, controls and provide single contact point to coordinate operations between broadcaster and distribution platforms.

Outside Broadcast

Through a fleet of OB vans and SNGs, M-Three Satcom provides live coverage for sports, entertainment, news and corporate events. Broadcasters, news agencies, sport associations and rights holders can count on M-Three Satcom’s affordable structure including a 24/7 booking centre, HD mobile facilities, fibre and satellite capacity for occasional use in every bandwidth and protocol configuration.

M-Three manages an affordable and flexible OB van and DSNG trucks fleet configured to support all live events. A skilled team offers support on event scheduling and management, systems configuration and optimisation, to complete, on-field service delivery.

In addition, the M-Three teleports and MCR supports live transmission with 24/7 troubleshooting service, turnaround and backup.

Available OB Facilities
  • HD/SD DSNG Trucks
  • Production facilities from light stand up to HD multicamera van.
  • Special units with aircraft, helicopter and special MW links in cooperation with international partners for
    sport activities
  • Playout, uplink and fibre injection centre in Milan and Rome
  • Editing and post-production
Occasional Use Capacity on Fibre and Satellite Networks
  • Connecting most city centres all over Europe and worldwide
  • Leased lines from E1 to GbE and STM1/4/16/64
  • IP Backbone access with CBR and burst capacity
  • Network management and global NOC
  • OU satellite capacity with booking on pay per minute basis
  • Bandwidth and time slot on transponders in all orbital positions
  • Middle and long-term booking for special events
  • 24/7 booking centre and MCR for support and troubleshooting
Contact info

Via Brianza, 15, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese MI, Italy