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White Peaks Solutions (WPS), a media and technology company, focuses on providing clients with end-to-end OTT solutions that fit their needs. In 2021, the media and consultancy arm of ITWORKS ME was spun off into its own international entity. White Peaks Solutions is now the owner and operator of KWIKmotion and FAULIO. The company has also established itself as a reference for media consultancy and media strategy.
The company’s consultancy-first approach stems from its belief that technology serves the business and it is committed to providing a full breadth of expertise at every milestone to create a successful product. White Peaks Solutions guides content owners to plan their business strategy, build a complete solution and thrive in their industry.

Bespoke OTT Solutions

WPS’s OTT solution includes a customisable and scalable content management system FAULIO, a comprehensive online video platform KWIKmotion and custom-designed user experiences for the front end, including websites, TV and mobile applications.

Areas of Expertise
  • OTT Platforms
  • Live streaming, Video on Demand and OVP platforms
  • CDN and Storage Infrastructures
  • Monetisation, Strategy, Consultancy

An end-to-end broadcasting suite that allows publishers and broadcasters to build, manage and monetise a complete OTT platform across multiple devices and screens within a highly secure technology environment.
KWIKmotion Major Components:


  • Manage assets, import and export media files easily
  • Create playlists, chapters, sort files into folders and add metadata to all assets (Full API for easy integration, media grabber, syndication and distribution)
  • Make use of advanced features like transcription, translation and keyword Search, all powered by the world’s leading AI services (IBM Watson/Google AI).

Live Streaming
Add multiple live streams, record manually or automatically and restream back to social media. (DVR-Live, electronic programme guide and manual recording)

Security and Monetisation
Protect live streams and your assets and monetise them. (Access Rights Management, stream protection, watermark, DRM integration, ads management and geo-blocking)

The video AI Moderation tool assists human moderators in detecting non-compliant content by analysing video scenes, screening content and organising flagged scenes under their respective criteria.

Visualise critical metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard to learn how the audience is engaging with your video. Act on deeper insights with robust content performance, real-time and historical viewer engagement data.

Powerful solution built on top of Video JS that guarantees security and monetisation options as well as the features and viewing experience users need.
Key features include player customisation, 360-degree support, pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and overlay ad support, Google analytics support, multiple audio tracks, player hotkey, fast and automatic thumbnail generation, skip Intro/Next Episode, download offline, closed caption, social share and external link share, playlist, resume watching, screencast, multiple bitrate, PiP support, playback with no buffer and preload.

Quickly and reliably prepares video for any device or platform. Allows safe roll out changes to videos, as well as trim, crop, join, share and easily watermark to create content unique to the brand experience.

FAULIO is a customisable, scalable content management system that seamlessly integrates with KWIKmotion. It allows centralised management of the whole OTT solution linking it to the front end through a comprehensive list of API endpoints.
Features include intuitive administration interface, assets organisation, news publishing, social media integration, publishing tools, SEO metadata, multi-language content creation, permission management, page designer, tight security and high performance, push notifications and alerts, full APIs, monetisation and ad integration features, user and subscription management, multi-channel support, seamless connectivity with KWIKmotion and easy grid integration.

Key Clients
  • Saudi Broadcasting Authority
  • Sharjah Broadcasting Authority
  • Mega TV
  • Sat TV
  • Artecniko
  • Al-Arabiya
  • Bloomberg Asharq
  • ET Bel Arabi
  • LBCI
  • MTV
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