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BS Broadcast is UAE’s leading supplier of used broadcast, satellite and communications hardware and equipment to the Middle East and south Asia markets. As a premier one-point source for quality-tested, refurbished satellite and broadcast equipment, BS Broadcast is committed to providing solutions that satisfy the broad spectrum of communication requirements, providing good return on investment. With a mammoth stock that supports the best possible and perfectly integrated hardware, BS Broadcast helps small and big companies attain easy, rapid deployment of their comprehensive, operational efficiencies in the most cost-effective way.
BS Broadcast has so far had a successful response to business in Egypt, Iraq, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Philippines and Turkey and is looking to extend its portfolio of equipment solutions through partnerships with leading European and American used equipment dealers.
While maintaining leverage on the sector, BS Broadcast is also a customer-orientated company, reflected in the high standards it sets on its products and staff.

Vibrant Refresh Cycle

Strategically located in the UAE to facilitate easy shipment across the globe, the company was established in 2016 by its current CEO, Muhammad Irfan Gondal, a key and active figure in the Middle East and South Asia’s broadcasting industry. Since 1999, he has been instrumental in the creation of media deployment requirements for news organisations and channels in the region. As a reliable contact for TV and radio stations, an increasing number of customers approached him for revamped satellite equipment. And in effect, BS Broadcast was born, serving customers worldwide.
While Europe and America enjoy rapid technology refresh cycles, organisations in regions such as Asia and Africa do not always have the financial capacity or the necessity to purchase latest equipment. Buying and selling of used broadcast and satellite equipment is a well-established practice in the USA and in Europe but “an untapped market here in the Middle East.” “We are stepping in to address this gap. Not all regions have capital advantage, while some areas may not require the latest devices either,” says Gondal.
BS Broadcast is keen to engage with TV and radio stations, earth stations, satellite uplink providers, satellite news gathering (SNG) service providers, production houses, media training centres and educational institutions that lack the budgets to buy expensive solutions but still require reliable high-grade equipment.

Extensive Stock

BS Broadcast’s exhaustive inventory is the biggest in the market, all of which are available at a discounted price. The stock comprises a wide range of broadcasting equipment that prove to be a cost-effective alternative to buying new appliances – there is one to suit individual customer budget and requirement. Customers can get in touch directly with the company or opt for the online store for each pre-requisite specification and project.
The company’s accumulated stock of over 885 products come from 69 market-leading manufacturers. Products range from 3G, high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) equipment such as video monitors, converters, playout servers, satellite antennae, terminals, RF modulators, satellite decoders, encoders, frequency converters, multiplexers, high performance amplifiers (HPAs), sync pulse generators (SPGs) and routers.
Each piece of high-grade equipment is tested for one hundred percent functionality. All goods are guaranteed to work and each item is subjected separately to a rigorous test by in-house engineers to ensure quality. The company offers a 90-day warranty on every sale and orders can be placed via the BS Broadcast website, or directly with the sales team at

Trade-in Facility

BS Broadcast offer potential clients with a trade-in programme, allowing customers to swap their existing equipment for exchanges or discounts. Whether rotating out existing equipment, remarketing or clearing storage, can assist in securing maximum value on investments. This in turn allows customers to evolve to higher or newer systems within individual budgetary modes. The company is always looking to buy used broadcast and satellite equipment.

Company Goals

BS Broadcast aims to provide customers with future-proof investments when buying or selling their second-hand broadcast and satellite goods. Professional staff is at hand to manage large quantities of renovated stock to ensure customers receive top-notch service at reasonable rates and at all times.
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