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Zixi provides a cloud-based and on-premise Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) that enables reliable broadcast-quality live video delivery over any IP network, protocol, cloud provider or edge device. The SDVP is used by broadcasters, enterprises, OTT video and mobile service providers around the world to scale from simple point-to-point and point-to-multipoint to end-to-end live streaming solutions. For over 14 years, the Zixi Enabled Network comprising customers, Zixi-enabled vendor devices and platforms, has grown to more than 300 OEM and media service providers, serving 700 customers representing most of the top global media brands with more than 20,000 live channel services delivered daily in over 100 countries. Zixi is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Area of Expertise

The SDVP makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage, localise and distribute live linear channels and live events in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using any form of IP network or hybrid IP environments. Clients turn to Zixi with a range of use cases, including simplifying OTT/digital video delivery, replacing or augmenting satellite technology, cost-effective content exchange and creation of new revenue sources, remote monitoring and operations and virtualisation of infrastructure. Zixi as a Service provides broadcast media infrastructure as a service, enabling an efficient end-to-end solution for video processing and delivery without the need to manage infrastructure.


IPTV/streaming software, SD, HD and 4K transcoding and delivery of live video, OTT workflow and cloud virtualisation.


The SDVP is the tight integration of four crucial elements that enable broadcast-quality live video workflows to be centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored using software and integrated devices, regardless of the underlying network infrastructure.

Protocols and Containers

Built upon the UDP protocol, the Zixi protocol is congestion and network-aware and dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions by employing patented Forward Error Correction (FEC) and ARQ techniques for error-free video transport over IP, with up to 45% packet loss recovery and ultra-low latency delivery as low as 300ms. Adopted for use in AWS Elemental’s MediaConnect, it provides security with DTLS and AES encryption and bitrate adaptation to make the internet usable for professional video delivery. In addition to the Zixi protocol, the SDVP currently supports 17 industry video transport protocols and containers including NDI, JPEG2000, RIST, RTP, RTP+FEC, UDP, HLS, CMAF HLS, Low Latency HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, SRT, Multipath TCP, TCP BBR, RTSP and Web RTC.

Video Solutions Stack

Zixi’s Video Solutions Stack provides essential software tools and core media processing functions that enable broadcasters to transport live video over any IP network, correcting for packet loss and jitter. This software manages all supported protocols, collects analytics and layers intelligence on top of the protocols such as bonding and patent pending hitless failover across any configuration and any IP infrastructure, allowing users to achieve five-nines of reliability.

Intelligent Data Platform

Zixi leverages advanced analytics, machine learning tools and artificial intelligence to aggregate a user’s metadata and present it back to them to help better predict downtime, content quality and trends securely with real-time health scoring, customisable alerts, predictive failover, charts and background monitoring, while enabling more efficient and precise root-cause analysis.
The SDVP along with the Zixi Enabled Network enables superior video delivery over IP and provides agile infrastructure designed to support next generation broadcast workflows while allowing for ease of adoption and global scalability. Recently integrated technology partners include ATEME, Harmonic, Net Insight and Synamedia encoders and decoder/IRDs.

ZEN Master

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane allows users to cost-effectively manage and monitor complex deployments at scale and configure and orchestrate live broadcast channels across protocols and the Zixi Enabled Network. It allows for control of the edge, network and cloud with full telemetry visualisation of network streams. ZEN Master offers essential monitoring and management tools like workflow visualisation, alerting, history, automation, provisioning, scheduling, reporting and more across complex media supply chains.

Regional Customers

Zixi customers in the Middle East include most leading broadcasters, content owners and service providers who use Zixi for contribution, monitoring and distribution of live linear video to studios, satellites, OTT platforms and more. Customers include AWS, Intersat, Gulfsat, MBC, Mediavision, Nilesat, OSN, Red Bee Media, SES, Sky News Arabia, and Wide Network Solutions.


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