Creating the ultimate entertainment experience

At TiVo, it’s all about innovation to create the ultimate entertainment experience.

TiVo touches the lives of binge-watching, music-loving, entertainment fanatics every day by delivering beautiful user experiences and enabling the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to nurture meaningful relationships with their audiences.

TiVo’s technology continues to revolutionise how people find content in a chaotic, fragmented media landscape.

It is this ‘content chaos’ and insatiable demand for media and entertainment that keeps the company inspired, to create products and licensable technology that ultimately enables people to find and enjoy television, movies and the music they love.

Rich Heritage that Guides the Future
TiVo has been at the forefront of content discovery since the launch of the first on-screen TV guide in 1981.

Since then, it has continued to innovate, from launching its most famous product – the first commercially viable digital video recorder (DVR) – in 1999, to putting listings on the second screen when the iPad launched in 2010, to launching the Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) with multiple operators globally and being at the forefront of the new voice-led discovery revolution.

Today TiVo is a content discovery leader rather than just being a provider of DVRs.

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience
Outside of the United States, TiVo brings over 20 years of experience of delivering pay TV solutions across different broadcast ecosystems including DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV and hybrid platforms like Android TV.

As elsewhere in the world, the consumer in MENA isn’t homogeneous and a one-size-fits-all approach for a pay TV operator no longer fulfils the needs of customers.

TiVo can provide a suite of interoperable solutions that allows an operator to deploy to a range of consumers.
From simple one-way solutions that don’t scrimp on functionality, the TiVo experience can deliver Push VOD and advertising banners to simple boxes that would have been limited to delivering only zapper functionality in the past.

For more advanced consumers, with access to two-way networks, a fuller on-demand service can be integrated into the TiVo experience.

The company’s vast experience of integrating multiple content sources brings a clear advantage when working with TiVo.

TiVo’s experience implementing across multiple hybrid systems is second to none.

For example, its recent deployments with Tigo in Latin America blend a consistent user experience across a range of set-top boxes that allow for differentiated packaging that suits the consumer’s needs.

The core services that deliver the TiVo experience are also available as components to power customers’ own solutions.

From a rich, dynamic multi-lingual content metadata to TiVo’s personalised content discovery solution with spot-on predictions and media analytics, it can help you differentiate your own services like never before.

Award-Winning Solutions
Over the years, TiVo has picked up many awards for its class leading solutions.

These include seven Emmys and most recently the Best UX (User Experience) Award for its TiVo Conversation Services product at the prestigious Content Innovation Awards in Cannes.

TiVo Conversation Services provide a voice-led content discovery paradigm that can move the consumer beyond saying basic keywords such as a title or actor, and allows them to ask detailed, multifaceted questions to find and enjoy their favourite content.

A Vibrant Partner Ecosystem
Working with TiVo opens up a wide set of pre-integrated partners who provide other key components of the digital television ecosystem such as conditional access and set-top box manufacturers.

At past trade shows, TiVo demonstrated its products with multiple partners including Conax, Arris, Kaon, Intek, Homecast, Arion, Ali, Crenova and Cryptoguard.

Recently TiVo has deployed projects with Verimatix and Quadrille.

It has also demonstrated products on the Android TV platform where TiVo’s experience and powerful backend solutions can help operators get the best from Google’s platform.

In the set-top box world TiVo’s hybrid entertainment discovery solutions unify content, listings and recommendations from linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) sources – and on mobile, its multi-screen entertainment discovery solutions enable access to content across multiple platforms and are compatible with nearly all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

TiVo is the global partner you can trust to help deliver local solutions that are right for the market.

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