Expanding audience reach and revenue

Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics and everyday interests, you see every side of the story.

Join the open conversation and watch live streaming events. Available in more than 40 languages around the world, the service can be accessed via, an array of mobile devices, and SMS.

Media Companies

Twitter is a complement to media companies by helping them extend their brand, boost engagement and earn revenue. Over the past year, Twitter has brought and developed a great depth and breadth of premium content on its platform.

It has become an essential destination for varied and compelling video content from the world’s biggest and most influential content publishers, distributors, right holders, influencers and creators. The strength of its content business is driven by the partnerships with top publishers who share premium content about what’s happening on Twitter everyday, whether it is sport, entertainment or news.

Twitter has been successfully extending publishers’ content monetisation models as a result of increased views on the platform, better product and more interest from publishers and advertisers in Twitter’s In Stream Video sponsorships.

Video continues to enable people and content owners to better share experiences, engage in events and converse with broader audiences. In 2018, Twitter continued to increase reach and engagement for content owners with 11 new live-streaming, highlight, Amplify and video-on-demand agreements signed to complement the extensive user-generated and licensed live and on-demand video content already available on Twitter across a number of verticals including sport, news and politics and entertainment.

In Stream Video Sponsorships

In Stream Video Sponsorships is the best solution to amplify and monetise premium content on Twitter, including live video, video clips and other storytelling formats like Sponsored Moments.

Over the years, Twitter has partnered with leading media companies around the world through In-Stream Video Sponsorships, to bring premium video content to Twitter users. Through these sponsored clips, advertisers are able to associate their brands with top tier events.

Viewers and fans from across the globe access timely clip highlights, such as big moments from an award show or TV/news programme, which appear as Promoted Tweets on the target audience’s timeline, with a sponsored pre-roll ad appearing prior to the video.

Advertisers consequently have their messages seen by targeted demographics in pre-roll before content, much of which goes viral.

In Stream Video Ads

Late last year, Twitter expanded its video ad solutions offering making it easier for advertisers to align with premium content based on audience interest and not solely to specific events (as is the case with In-Stream Video Sponsorships).

This model also enables content creators to generate revenue from videos they publish on Twitter, providing them with a new video content monetisation opportunity on the platform.

With In Stream Video Ads, publishers upload their videos and opt them into monetisation. They then tag their content with the appropriate content categories. Once ready, they publish their Tweets on Twitter.

On the other side, advertisers create an In-Stream Video Ads campaign and choose their preferred content categories to target. Twitter then automatically serves a relevant pre-roll ad to the user watching the video.

Original and Live Programming

Twitter has become a destination for live programming and a leader in premium live content.
Live streaming is a strong complement to the live nature of Twitter and it helps explain the value and power of the service instantly.

Twitter has always been a great complement to TV and users can now enjoy content and conversation in one place. Audiences are now able to access live video alongside the existing live Twitter conversation to experience both in one place for free around the world.

Twitter’s live streams are thriving across original and broadcast programming and advertisers are capitalising on those moments to reach coveted demographics.

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